5 Advertisements in Which Women Have Played The Leading Role: Women Objectifying

5 Advertisements in Which Women Have Played The Leading Role Women Objectifying

If someone asks you to name the advertisements in which the women have played the leading role, then what will you answer? Of course, you will get silent for a while and start thinking about such advertisement.

Over the years, Women have always been expected to fill specific gender roles as HouseKeeping, Cooking etc.  There are very few numbers of ads in which women had played the leading role. In fact, this number was in single digit before 1950.  Just check out the below image, it will show the real reality of Women Objectifying in the Advertising Industry.

First Remote Control Ever Invented Women Objectifying Advertisement
First Remote Control Ever Invented Women Objectifying Advertisement Image Source
Its man World Women Objectifying Advertisement
It’s man World Women Objectifying Advertisement Image Source

There are many such advertisements available. But this article is not Women Objectifying. So, here we are not sharing all those advertisements.

Instead, this article is about top 5 advertisement featuring Women in leading role.


In the recent ad of Nike, only the female athletes are shown in the advertisement. This ad visualizes the growing participation of women athletes in the Indian Sports.


It is another ad campaign featuring Women in the leading role. This advertisement is about the epic battle to keep girls’ confidence high during puberty and beyond.


If you are talking about Women Power and  Empowerment then you can’t miss this advertisement by  Asian paint. In this ad, Asian Paint shows how a Women can live with a dignity.


This is another amazing advertisement by the Reliance Fresh with Women in Leading Role. This advertisement was launched on International Women’s Day 2018.


The last but not the least advertisement in which a Women have played an important and leading role. In this advertisement, a lady boss tells two men to complete the work before going home. Next, she leaves saying bye to her colleagues and once home, she makes a delicious food for her husband. In next scene, a Man, who is still at work, gets a call on his phone. The caller is “Wife”. Here the twist comes. The lady boss is his Wife. To check out the complete ads, check out the below video.


Now your turn. What do you say? Which advertisement is your favorite one? Share your valuable feedback in the below comment box.

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