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New Rajasthan Tourism Campaign

Rajasthan Tourism Campaign

If someone ask you what is the main objective of showing ads on television? Then you may reply- the ad should be such that it gets connected with the final consumer.

The new ad of Rajasthan Tourism is doing the same thing. The impact of ad campaign is commendableThe ad will inspire you to travel to Rajasthan and explore its musical richness.

In this ad campaign, it is clearly shown how the traveler feels while visiting the Rajasthan. The best part of the video is the way it is getting connected to every traveler.

Aryasthan – Rajasthan Through Arya’s eyes

Aryasthan - Rajasthan Through Arya's eyes

Meerasthan- Rajasthan through Meera’s eyes

Meerasthan- Rajasthan through Meera's eyes

Huansthan – Rajasthan Through Huan’s eyes

Binoysthan – Rajasthan Through Binoy’s eyes

Huansthan - Rajasthan Through Huan's eyes

Janesthan- Rajasthan through Jane’s eyes

Janesthan- Rajasthan through Jane's eyes

The new logo appears from the sands, a unique resource of Rajasthan. Below Introduction, itself represents what Rajasthan is all about.

Sands of Thar unveiling Rajasthan

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