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Four Useful Tips to Designs Business Cards

Tips to Design Business Cards

90% of the business cards are not receiving any follow-up.They are simply thrown in the dustbin. Keeping this fact in mind, you need to reinvest some time in designing the business cards.

A Perfect Business Cards do not come out of sudden. We need to focus on the various aspects as discussed below

Designing and Formatting

Designing and Formatting is the most important part of business card designing.

A standard size or color needs to be selected for printing the business cards.Ensure the text size is readable and high-quality images are used.Avoid using a border around your cards. It may get disappear when blade does not cut the business card at right place.Use complementary and pleasing color theme for your business cards.You can use the color wheel used for designing the logo for designing the business card.

Think Creative

Days are gone where we use the simple standard cards. Now one needs to think out of the box for creating outstanding business cards. A unique way to make the card unique is

a) Die cut process to remove the part of the business card

b) Use your own theme or recycle the old business card

c) Use the backside of the business card

d) Use unusual materials

e) Embossing and Material Card used etc.

Limited Size and Limited Content

The size of the business card is limited and we can not write 1000 words in that limited size. Ensure only important information is mentioned on the business cards. Avoid un-required statement or information.

Some creative way of designing business cards are

  • Use embossing text
  • Cut the part of the card to make more attractive
  • Use High-Quality Paper
  • Use Social media icon
  • Use Google Map or Google Navigation snapshot
  • Use QR Code
  • Use Metal or some other material
  • Design Multi-Purpose Card
  • Use high-resolution images etc

Keep it Simple, Stupid

Last but the most important Keep it simple. Yes, always keep in the mind the main aim of business purpose. In the wave of creative designing do not compromise with the information. Do not make it complex.Keep it simple.

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