Biggest Reasons For Starting A Blog And Why Should You Start It

Blogging is a very beautiful professional. With it being free to entry and exit, every day many more people are starting a blog than ever. But what is so good about blogging that every day many more people are joining it.

Even many of my friends keep asking me ‘Why I started blogging’. If you’re looking for the same answer then this article is for you. Here in this article, I will share the  5 biggest reasons for starting a blog and Why should you start a blog?

Why should you start a blog?

For the last 6 years, I am making money online. Further, It has been 1.5 years now I am running LoveUMarketing blog. Thus, I think, I will be the best person to answer this question. Below, I have listed out the five biggest reasons for starting a blogging website.

Please note, there are hundreds of reasons for starting a blog but below we have mentioned out the biggest five reasons only.

Passive Income

Passive Income means money that you will earn without doing much efforts to make it. For Example, money earned by renting a property. Renting of a property will generate passive money every month.

Passive Income from Blogging
Passive Income from Blogging

I know you are wondering how blogging will help you to generate passive income?

In the blogging industry, once you get famous there are many ways to make passive income from it. For Example, you can lend a space on your domain on rent and make passive money out of it.

Besides this, users will keep visiting your blog and you will keep making money from advertisement and affiliate.

Work From Home Profession

If you love to work from home then you are blogging is just for you. In a blogging profession, it is possible to work from home.

Work From Home Blog
Work From Home Blog

You Will Meet New People

Another biggest reason to start a blog is meeting new people across the world. Either through commenting, guest posting or emails, you will meet new people daily. The blogging community is, in fact, one of the best community to work with.

It’s Free to Start A Blog: No Capital Required

It is free to start a blogging website. You will not require any capital to start a blogging website. To know how to start a blog for free, please refer to the below article.

How to create a blog for free and make money?

Start a blog for free. No Capital Investment require to start it
Start a blog for free. No Capital Investment required to start it

Create Business Opportunities

If you are under impression that blogging is only meant for part time business then you are wrong. Of course, it’s  a great source for creating passive income but now blogging is far ahead of it.

Full-time blogging creates lots of business opportunities for a individual. A person can lacs of money from full-time blogging.

So, like any other business, blogging also creates lots of business opportunities for an individual.

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