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WordPress Is More Than A CMS Platform But Not a Complete Solution For An e-Commerce Website

WordPress Is More Than A CMS Platform But Not a Complete Solution For An e-Commerce Website

WordPress started as a blogging platform but currently, it is more than this. Today, WordPress is used to create any kind of website including e-Commerce and business websites.  Statistics show that more than 50% CMS (Content Management System) websites are powered by WordPress Platform.  But here it is very important to note that though WordPress can be used for any kind of website it is still not advisable to use it for the e-Commerce website. To know why, please refer to the below article.

But before starting with the article let us first understand the meaning of Content Management System and e-Commerce.

Content Management System is a multi-user tool to create and modify digital content online. So, for blogging, this is the best option available.

Whereas, the e-Commerce website is more than this. It also includes features like Inventory Management, Payment etc. It is never meant for creating or modifying any digital content online.

WordPress as e-Commerce Platform

I know you’re wondering if WordPress is CMS platform then why and how users are using it for e-Commerce platform?

Very Simple.  WordPress is a free open source platform which is both easy to use and user-friendly.  By installing third-party plugins you can easily convert it into a fully fledged e-Commerce website.

There are many brands like Hey Cookie, BoardShortsEdible Blossoms etc. are using WordPress for selling products online.

The only benefits of using WordPress as an e-Commerce website is Simplicity. WordPress is simple to use. You don’t need to be a die-hard programmer to manage a WordPress website.


WordPress not as e-Commerce Platform

Though we can use WordPress as an e-commerce platform, it is still not advisable to use it. Below are the various reasons for not using WordPress as an e-Commerce Platform.

Third Party Plugins

E-Commerce is not a default feature of WordPress. To use WordPress as an e-Commerce website, you need to install third-party plugins like WooCommerce.

Installing third party plugins means increasing load on the website and putting it at a security risk. Further, plugins and theme need to upgrade all the time. So all the changes will get override on up-gradation.

It is not possible to use WordPress as an e-Commerce website without installing any plugin. Third Party Plugin is necessary for running WordPress as an e-Commerce website.

WordPress is Free Open Source Platform

Since WordPress is a widely used free open source platform, it is very easy to hack it. Because of being so popular, WordPress always remain under threat of being hacked. Remember, it is easy to hack such websites.

Lack of Security

WordPress lack PCI security for using it as an e-Commerce Platform. PCI compliance is critical to the success of any eCommerce business. WordPress is easy to be hacked due to the vulnerabilities.


Please remember, PCI is not any law, it is actually industry standard mandate by five major credit card companies say Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover and American Express. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry, which every businessman need to follow whether it is small or large.

Since WordPress is not meant for a payment related website, it lacks this PCI compliance.

Lack of Features/Option Available

WordPress is too simple for serious e-Commerce. It lacks the basic features of an e-Commerce website. In simple words, it is not meant for an e-Commerce website.

E-Commerce website requires Inventory Tracking, Cash on Delivery, Payment Option etc. WordPress website lacks all these features.


What Will Be The Best Solution, Then?

WordPress will be the best choice if you want to sell 2 to 3 products. For Example, if you are a blogger and wants to sell e-books to your users then WordPress will work for you.

But if you want to create a fully fledge e-Commerce website with hundreds of products then this will not work for you. Instead of using WordPress, we will suggest going with other open source platforms which are actually meant for this purpose. For Example, you can go with Prestashop, Shopify, Magneto etc. for starting an e-Commerce or virtual online store.

EmbroideryShristi is using Prestashop since 2011 without any problem. Prestashop is a best open source e-commerce solution.

Over to You

Now your turn. What do you think about this article? Please share your feedback in the below comment box.

Further, if you’re still confused or face any problem then feel free to contact us. You can leave your message in the below comment box or contact us through our contact us page.

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