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5 Secrets That Successful Bloggers Don’t Share

Top Secrets That Successful Bloggers Don't Share

If you’re a blogger or online entrepreneur than I am sure you may following many successful bloggers online.

But, do you know? There are many blogging secrets that successful blogger don’t want to share with you.

Hereby, in this article I will share those secrets with you.

Blogging Secrets that Successful Bloggers hide it

I know many of you are wondering? Why I am sharing those secrets with you? Instead, I can implement those tips and tricks on my blog and make money from them.

You’re right. But, following these are few major reasons, Why I don’t believe in hiding it.

  1. Blogging is a long term journey. You can’t create a successful blog in a fortnight or month.
  2. Currently, I am a part-time entrepreneur. Besides blogging, I am already making one lacs per month from my full-time profession.
  3. On-Page and Off-Page optimization are still required to build a successful blog. Of course, this will differ from blog to blog and hence only a few blogs get successful.
  4. At last, I strongly believe in sharing information. As per me, knowledge gets increased in sharing it.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s discuss those secrets below.

1. Working Together: You Can’t Do It Alone

This is the biggest secret that successful bloggers hide from you. Let us understand this with an example below.

Suppose there are 3 successful bloggers online say ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’. I bet, all of these successful bloggers have linked back each other website.

Further, they even don’t think for a second before promoting each other website with their audience.

The logic is simple – I can’t appreciate myself. Further, if someone else promote my website then it will have a great impact.

Now, sit back and ask a question to yourself. How many bloggers are working with you online?

I strongly suggest, rather than working alone, work in a group. Instead of looking for monetary benefits all the time, try to build a long term relationship with other bloggers online.

Trust me, You will have a better results if you work together.

2. Loading Speed is really Important

This is true. You need to improve the loading speed if you really want to build a successful site.

Just go back and check the website of all successful bloggers. One thing you will observe in common is – Instead of improving the look and layout, they focused on increasing ‘Loading Speed’.

Unlike beginner, they do not use High Resolution Images, Lots of Social buttons, Videos, Google Fonts etc.

Instead they keep it simple. The below snapshot will clear everything.

Neil Patel Blog

The above snapshot is of the ‘Neil Patel‘ website. I bet, if you observe his website properly, you will not lots of unused features on your website.

3. Successful Blogger don’t use all plugins

This is the third biggest secret that a successful blogger hide from you.

If a blogger is promoting any plugin then it doesn’t mean he is using it on his website.

Successful bloggers promote hundreds of plugins and services every months. If you start installing them all, it will have a negative impact on your site.

Think twice and decide whether you require this plugin or not?

Here, you can take the help of the ‘Builtwith’ website, to learn what technology, blogging platform, and plugins are used by the given blog.

Built with Technology

4. Do not use Google Adsense

Yes, successful bloggers do not use Google Adsense. The reasons are given below.

  1. Google Adsense increase the loading time of your website
  2. It distracts your audience and therefore you can’t keep them engaged
  3. You need to compromise with Google Adsense for promoting affiliated products.

Trust me, removing Google Ads will put your blog on a positive side. This is what happened to my website after removing Google Ads from it?

  1. Improved the loading speed of my website
  2. Now, I can focus on other important aspects of the website like Guest Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

5. Use of Negative SEO

You’re working hard but still your website is not ranking higher in the search engine.

If this sound familiar to you then there are higher chances that your website has got impacted by the Negative SEO attack.

Believe or not. But, Negative SEO is still existed online.

Many blogger use this technique to deliberately damage the competitor’s rankings in search engines.

Yes, Negative SEO is a practices to deliberately damaging the ranking of your competitors in the search engine.

Even my blog (LoveUMarketing) got suffered by Negative SEO attack. Someone has created lots of Po*n backlinks for my blog.

You can easily find this kinds of backlinks through Google Webmaster account. Login to your Google webmaster account and check the list of websites linking back to your site.

Don’t worry, you can disavow spammy and bad backlinks using Disavow tools of search engines.

Disavow tool will tell search engines, not to consider those spammy and bad backlinks while ranking your content in the search results.

Over to you

Above all are top 5 secrets that a successful blogger don’t want to share with you.

Always remember, only three things are required for building a successful blog.

  1. Good Content
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Lots of Patience

If you have above three things available with you than trust me, no one can stop your website from being successful

At last, feel free to contact us or share your message in below comment box if you need a question or feedback to share.

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