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How To Start Online Business Making $1000 From Home

How To Start Online Business Making $1000 From Home

Whenever I discussed my online business, my friends and relatives keep asking me questions like

  • How to make online money for free?
  • How to make money online with Google?
  • How to make money online without doing anything?
  • How to make money online fast?
  • How to make real money online? I am in need of some money now.
  • How to generate Passive Income Online?
  • How to start making money like you online? etc.

Now, if you’re hunting for the same answer then this article will help you. In this article, we will tell you how to start a small online business from home and make some real money from it.

But before starting with the article it is very important to note that

  • Whether it is online or offline, making money always requires hard work and dedication. There is no such thing called Making Money From Online Without Doing Anything.
  • Remember, you can’t start making money from the very fast day of the online business. It will take some time to say 3 to 6 months to start making money online.
  • There is no maximum limit for making money online. I have seen peoples making millions online.

So, keeping the above points in mind, if you really want to make money from the online business then please read below.

How to Start a Small Business Online

Though starting a small business online is a tough job but if planned properly, you can start it along with your full-time job. 

Yes, you heard it correctly. A small online business can be started along with your full-time job and it can be managed simultaneously.

This article is written with assumptions

  • You’re master in any particular skills
  • You have at least 2 free hours a day or free weekdays to work on.
  • You own a computer or laptop with Internet Connection.

For online business or job, above all points are prerequisites.

Please note, this article is not about making $1000 per month. Instead, I will teach how to make such an amount from your online business.

Next, this article does not include any odd suggestions which are readily available online.

For example, if you do google search ‘How to Make Money Fast’ or ‘How to make money online,’ then you will easily find thousands of articles written on it.

Those articles will suggest you do odd things like riding Uber, filling Online surveys, doing Data Entry, etc.

Yes, these techniques are still valid, but they are not sustainable for a long time. You can’t make your living by merely filling the online survey all the time.

For the short term, all those suggestions are valid, but for the long term, you can’t rely on it.

How To Start Online Business With No Money

There are three kinds of online business you can start of.

  1. Blogging, Vlogging, and YouTube Channel
  2.  Starting an Online Store
  3. Starting an e-commerce store

All these options have their own pros and cons but at the end of the day, they all have equal opportunities to make money online. That said, no matter which route you choose, it’s important to protect yourself and business through proper entity structuring – like an LLC or Corporation.

You can start with any of the above options and can make money from it.

But, a question may arise, how to start an online business and how to make money from it? The below article will share the step by step instruction to start an online store.

How To Start An Online Business For Free

Free Entry and Exit do not mean you should start the online business without proper planning. Instead, it requires a step by step implementation for building a successful online business.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s start discussing these steps below.

#1. List Down What You are Good At

Starting an online business is not an easy task. Next, managing it along with your full-time job makes the situation more worsen.

Hence, it is always advisable to start the online business in a field in which you are a master.

The online people will pay money only if you have the expert knowledge in it.

So, the first step involved in starting an online business is writing down the list of things in which you are good at. For example,

  • You are good at Machine Embroidery Digitizing
  • You are good at Microsoft PowerPoint
  • You are good at Teaching etc.

Check at what you are good at and then pick up the same topic/field/industry for starting an online business.

For example, My Father is doing a Garment and Embroidery business since 1987. Hence, we were good at Embroidery Designs and therefore we started an online store selling Machine Embroidery Design.

#2. Decide How To Deliver It

The next step involved in starting a small online business is deciding how to deliver your expertise knowledge online. As mentioned earlier, it can be either through blogging, YouTube Channel, or Online Store.

Yes, you can start an online store selling tutorials in PDF formats or start writing blogs on your personal blogging site or start a YouTube Channel and share video tutorials on it.

You can start with any of this option. As said earlier all these options have their own merit and demerit but have equal opportunities to make money online.

If you like writing, then you should start a blogging site

but if writing is not your hobby and you are good at speaking, then you should start the YouTube channel and upload video tutorials on it.

The online store works very well when you are a shy kind person and does not like to interact with others.

Of course, interaction is the key to success for your online business, but online stores required less interaction when compared to blogging and YouTube channel.

Hence, the basis of your interest and needs, decide the mode of delivery for your expert knowledge.

#3. Find An Audience For Your Skill

Starting the online business then the next step involved in building a successful business making $1000 per month is ‘Finding An Audience For Your Skills.’

Next, this audience will also become potential customers to your online business.

Today then the best place to find an audience for your skill or online business ‘Social Networking Sites’. 

Just go and check any social networking site, you will easily find the social groups serving your purpose.

For example, the below snapshot of Facebook is clearly showing potential the great potential of social media sites.

Machine Embroidery Designs Group On Facebook Potential Audience Customers
Machine Embroidery Designs Group On Facebook Potential Audience Customers

#4. Solve The Problems Of Your Audience

Simply, starting an online store will not help to make $1000 per month from your business. 

Do you know? According to one study, each month around 70 million blog posts are made on WordPress blog alone. 

So, just imagine. Where will you stand if you start a blogging site?

Hence, it becomes very important to understand your audience and solve the problem.

If your business is capable enough to solve the audience problem then it will definitely make money for you.

At last, I strongly suggest spending time understanding your audience and try to resolve their problem,. At the initial stage, instead of focusing on making money instead focus on solving problems of your audience.

#5. Promote Your Online Business

The last most important step for making $1000 from your online business is promoting your online business. If you are under impression that you will start the business and people will eventually start finding you then you are wrong. This is not possible with an online business.

To get noticed and web traffic to your site, you need to promote your business online. 

There are many ways to promote your business online. You will find all those techniques in the below articles.

How To Increase Traffic On Website

Final Words

Now, you are ready to start an online business and make $1000 per month from it. Trust, if you work hard on your online business then you can easily build a successful online business.

The best part of this kind of business is – it does not require any special attention or dedicated time to start and manage it. You can start it along with your full-time job and manage it.

Once your online business gets settled, you can leave your job and take your business full time from part-time.

At last, feel free to contact us if face any problem in understanding any of the above content. You can also contact us if you think we have missed any important points or steps to discuss here in this article.

How did you start your business? Don’t forget to share the steps you took to start your online business. We will be happy to hear from you.

For more detailed and complete information on starting the small business, I suggest please refer to the below guide.
Getting Started With Your Small Business in 2020

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