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Lead Generation for Insurance Companies: Marketing Tactics that Work

Lead Generation for Insurance Companies Marketing Tactics that Work

If there is an industry that’s so competitive it’s almost impossible to get anywhere near the big brands, it’s the insurance industry. Ranking for highly competitive keywords is next to impossible, and the sky-high CPC makes it unrealistic for smaller insurance agencies to compete in online advertisement with the bigger players in their niche. With the lack of successful SEO to build your online presence, and an ad campaign that drains financial resources, it can get quite difficult to keep the lead generation ship afloat.

Well, as you might have guessed, there are still plenty of things you can do to overcome the odds and boost your lead generation strategy, especially if you have a reliable marketing agency on hand. Let’s break down the lead generation tactics that work in the insurance industry and how you can use them to become one of the bigger players in your niche.

Assume the role of an educator in the community

Educate the Community

One of the biggest problems smaller insurance companies face in the modern competitive market is the inherent lack of trust potential clients have towards new agencies – or any agency that is not among the top brands in the field, for that matter. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t influence the peoples’ mindsets and shape their beliefs, after all, that’s what great marketing is all about.

The key here is not to push your products towards the consumers, but rather to portray your brand and its offering through the prism of community education. Speaking engagements live online seminars, eBooks, free training courses, you name it, the potential clients want it. Because remember, the isn’t a lack of demand for your products, you simply need to establish yourself as the authority in your niche through education – the more you educate the community about insurance, the higher the chances that they will approach you.

Build a recognizable brand people will love

The top brands in your industry have built their success on, well, their brands! There is a reason why people are willing to pay top dollar for goods and services that boast a significantly lower real-world value, and that reason is that they trust the brand. Now, branding is a crucial step in the development of any company, in any industry, but it is especially important when you’re operating in such an oversaturated market.

Start building your brand identity by defining a set of values that directly complement the values of your potential clients. Naturally, this will require you to conduct some thorough market research. Use the insights to create a unique tone of voice for your brand, one you will weave along with your values into your copy and your blog posts. Likewise, the visual identity of your brand needs to portray your values and identity in order to spark the right emotional reaction with your audience. 

Emphasize customer satisfaction

Satisfied Customers

No matter the niche and no matter your scope of work, your insurance agency needs to be the shining example of stellar customer experience. However, customer satisfaction is not just about greeting your potential clients with a smile on your face; no, this is a multifaceted problem that requires you to create a complete experience for your clients – to create a journey into the world of insurance.

Agencies that actually listen to their customers as shown in the example here, have a much higher chance of tailoring the experience to the individual and thus raising customer satisfaction through exemplary service, guidance, education, follow-ups, and more. Doing this will also help you snag a few local awards in your market for your stellar performance – awards you can proudly display on your website, offline promotional materials, and social media.

Use social media to expand your brand’s reach

Social Media for Lead Generation

With social media being the most powerful and popular mass media in the modern world, there is no denying that it can help your brand expand its reach, and strengthen its influence in the competitive market. Without a doubt, social media is important for your insurance business, and it can define your future if you master the art of social media management and marketing.

You can use your social media profiles to boost your educational role in the local and global communities, and then seal the deal with targeted ads. It’s a tried-and-tested recipe that, when combined with a compelling landing page and strategic use of CTAs, can get people landing on your website like flies to leftovers. If you’ve got the budget, be sure to reach out to micro-influencers as well to make them your trusted brand advocates.

Build a strong referral network

And lastly, never underestimate the power of a referral. Acquiring strategic partners in complementary industries such as real estate, automotive, lending, legal, and even other insurance agents, is a great way to generate quality leads through professional referrals. People who seek the aid of these experts will be glad to hear that they have a top insurance agency to recommend, taking the trouble out of researching insurance agencies and giving them the solution to their insurance problem.

Wrapping up

The insurance industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world, both online and offline. With these marketing tactics up your sleeve, though, you stand a much higher chance of elevating your brand above the rest and making it into the top brass of successful insurance companies.

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