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9 Things You Should Know For Professional Full-time Successful Blogging

9 Things You Should Know For Professional Full-time Successful Blogging

Anyone can start a blog. Within a few clicks, you can easily set up your blog and start blogging on it. But, for being one of the top professional bloggers, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. For example, Work from Home Jobs.

To become a successful blogger, you need to decide whether you want to work from home or office. Next, What all are the pros and cons of work from home jobs?

Hereby, in this article, we have discussed all those factors which are important for being a successful professional blogger.

Note: This list does not contain anything related to your blog or blog posts. But, instead, it contains about you (a blogger).

Confused? How this list will share ‘What care should you take while being a full-time professional blogger?’ To get this answer, please read below.

Things You Should Know To Become Successful Full-Time Professional Blogger Making Good Earnings

Successful Blogging Carrer is not only about your blog and blog posts. Its include many other things also. If you are a famous blogger or wants to be a full-time famous blogger then you should be aware of these 9 things affecting your blogger lifestyle.

In very simple words, this list will take you through the different factors affecting the life of successful bloggers. If you are a blogger then you must definitely go through this list.

 So, What are we waiting for? Let’s start discussing this list below.

Work From Home Online Blogging

The very first thing that comes to our mind while starting a blog is ‘Blogging is a work from home business‘.

If you think of the same thing, then don’t worry, you’re right.

No doubt, It is 100% true that blogging is a home-based business. In fact, Blogging is one of the most successful home based businesses available today.

But still, it is very important to decide whether you will do blogging from home or office. This is because in both the case the pros and cons will be different.

Always remember, working from home is not that easy job. You need to ensure a proper environment for working from home. Make sure you have a separate place or room to work and during working hours keep away yourself from your family, kids and uninvited guests.

Trust us, it is very difficult to work from home especially when you are writing a blog post. Writing a blog post requires lots of dedication and focus, which is not possible in the home environment.

Hence, it is always advisable to dedicate a separate room or office for your blogging business.

Working from home, once a week is OK but seven days a week is very difficult.

Maintaining Work-Life Balance Is Important

There is no doubt that Blogging is the best option to quite your long hours, physically inactive and stressful job and be your own boss.

But, this doesn’t mean Blogging is 9 to 5, active and stress-free job. If you keep blogging day to a night sitting on a chair then this will also be similar to your previous full-time job.

Trust us, You will not find any change between them.

Hence, it is very important that you learn to maintain proper work-life balance after starting a blog. Since blogging can be done from anywhere at anyplace, it doesn’t mean you keep working all the time.

Always remember, maintaining work-life balance is important. Hence, plan your work properly and ensure yours allocate proper time to your family, kids, friends, and relatives.

Maintain Work-life Balance being a blogger

Maintain Work-life Balance being a blogger

We know, many of you will be thinking? This is the only reason why do we want to start a blog? We want to be our own boss and maintain our work-life balance.

But, trust us, this is not possible once you become a full-time professional blogger. There are so many things to do hence you will work day to night to full fill it. Next, you will forget you have friends, family, kids, and relatives.

Hence, please learn to make a proper work-life balance while blogging from home.

Keep UnWanted Things Out Of The Screen

Blogging is the business, where you spends around 90% of your time while working on a personal computer or laptop or Smart Phone.

Your entire business will revolve around these electrical gadgets and the Internet.

But, do you know, working online on these gadgets is not an easy task. There are many unwanted activities which will keep distracting you while working online. For example, Social Media Networking sites.

There is a high possibility that you start scrolling your friends and relative timelines while promoting your blog on various social media networks. Next, unknowing, these unwanted activities will consume most of the time and thereby your work will get delayed.

how to not get distracted by phone

how to not get distracted by phone

The same thing will also happen with SmartPhones. While, working on a SmartPhone, there are many unwanted activities which will keep distracting you. We strongly suggest referring the below article to know how to not get distracted by a phone.

8 Ways To Not Get Distracted By Mobile Phone

Take a Break From Your Work

Blogging means working day to a night sitting on a computer or laptop.

Do you know? According to one study, ‘Sitting is a new Smoking‘. If you keep sitting all the time then it will impact your badly impact your body as if you are smoking daily. Yes, sitting all the time is not a good habit.

Hence, make sure you take a break of 5 to 10 minutes at every half an hour. Next, ensure proper body posture while sitting on a computer. For more details on body posture, please refer to the below article.

5 Easy Adjustment You Need To Do If You Sit At The Computer All The Day

5 Easy Adjustment You Need To Do If You Sit At The Computer All The Day

5 Easy Adjustment You Need To Do If You Sit At The Computer All The Day

At last, we also suggest blinking your eye if you feeling eye dryness. Working continuously on a computer or laptop may cause eye dryness. Hence, keep blinking your eye to keep it cool.

Your Blog Earning Will Fluctuate

The next thing on the list is ‘Fluctuating Income‘. Yes, the earning from the blog is not fixed. It may happen that you may earn lots of money in the current month and you may don’t have enough money to pay your bills in the next month.

This is because all the money making ways are not fixed. Whether you are using paid guest posting or popular advertising platform like Google Adsense. They will generate money only if you get good conversion rate or a number of clicks on Google Ads.

Next, sometimes traffic will be great from a blog post which got viral and in other times you will feel like there is no one around.

In Blogging, starting from blog traffic to Income, everything is variable. It keeps on fluctuating and varies from time to time in fact hour to hour.

Blogging As A Business

There is a vast difference between blogging as business and hobby. Your blog will make money only if you start treating it as a business. Whereas, on another side, if you start a blog as a hobby then you may end up with it as a hobby only. You will enjoy blogging but not make any money from it.

Hence, to make money from a blog, think blogging as if a business only. Work very hard to grow your business and don’t take it lightly.

Turning Your Blog Into A Profitable Business

Turning Your Blog Into A Profitable Business

Start Keeping Notes

Many a time it happens that we are doing some activity and suddenly a new idea comes to our mind.

Next, we think, first we complete this activity and then we will move on to the new idea. But, this does not happen. Right?

This is because, by the time you complete your current work, you will forget the new idea that comes to your mind. Yes, it will fade out soon if you don’t take a note of it.

Hence, we strongly suggest starting taking notes of everything you observe around you. Write down immediately either in your dairy or smartphone if any new idea comes to your mind. Who knows will this idea come back to your mind or not? So, write it down immediately.

start keeping notes of new ideas and activities coming to your mind

start keeping notes of new ideas and activities coming to your mind

Keep Patience For Blogging

In blogging nothing is immediate. Every activity will take its own time. Starting from starting a blog to writing a blog post and thereby getting the same indexed in the search engine, every activity will take its own time to complete it.

If you think, you will write more than 2000 blog posts within a month and then immediately start ranking on the first page from the next month then in blogging, this is not possible.

Lack of Patience

Lack of Patience

At last, if you don’t have the patience then sorry to say but blogging is not for you. Trust us, compared to other business, blogging will take some more time but once established it will definitely give you good fruits from it.

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Wrapping Up

Above all are the various things that you need to consider if you want to start a blog and become a successful blogger. These 9 things are inseparable from a blogger.

Start a blog only if you agree to these 9 things and its pro and cons.

At last, feel free to contact us if you face any difficulty in understanding the above article. You can share your query in below comment box or contact us directly using our contact us form. The link for the contact us form is already available on our blog.

Next, if you think, we have forgotten anything to mentioned out here then please do let us know the same. We will be happy to include the same in our list.

Are you a blogger? If yes, then don’t forget to share your valuable suggestions and different things that are related to your blog and blogging career below. We will be happy to listen to you.

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