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Turning Your Blog Into A Profitable Business

Turning Your Blog Into A Profitable Business

Yes, you read it correctly. It is 100% possible to turn your blog into a profitable business. Here, I will share the complete guidelines to turn your blog into a business.

I remember, the day I started my blog called LoveUMarketing. First, it was started as a hobby but gradually I start making money from it and then I turned it into a profitable business. To know how please read below article.

But before starting with the article, please remember, If money making is the only intention of starting your blog then it will not work. Your blog will not get successful unless you do not share anything important to your users. Next, to offer something unique, you need to set yourself an expert in that field.

Hence, for creating a profitable blogging business, it is very important that you are passionate about your blog and money making is secondary to you.

Confused? Let me explain you.

If money making is your intention and you keep sharing affiliate content on your blog then your users will not come back to your blog. Next, without enough traffic, there is no way to build a profitable blog.

Hence, it is very important that you are an expert in your blogging niche and have something to share with your users. Once, you start getting enough engagement from your users, you can convert your blog into a profitable business.

For example, Suppose you are offering an affiliate product on your blog, If 10% of your users are buying it then in such case, you will sale 100 units for every 1000 visits.

Now, it is self-explanatory that for selling 200 units you will require 2000 visits and so on…

To get more traffic, you need to offer something unique to your users so that they get engaged in your blog and come back for more.

If you get successful in attracting more traffic to your site and thereby retain it then no one can stop you from building a profitable blogging business.

Build a Profitable Blogging Business

Days are gone when the majority of the blogs were personal and it was started as a hobby only. Today, many people have started taking blogging as a profession. With the evolution of entrepreneurship and solopreneurship, people these days started turning their blog into a business. If you want to turn your hobby blog into a business, get started with these general guidelines.

Note: The below article has been written assuming you already own a blog. But if in case you don’t know how to create a blog or select blogging niche then please refer the below articles first.

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Write Great Content Consistently

When does someone ask you, What is the single most important part of a blog? Then, What will you reply? Of Course, The Content. Consistent and High-Quality content will only help you to build a successful blog.

The same logic will apply here. Even in the blogging business, the content is the king. The only difference will be the,   Initially, you were writing for yourself but now you need to write for your visitors.  Write what your visitors love to read. If they love your blog then they will surely come back for more.

Content Rich Blog Post For Your Blog

Content Rich Blog Post For Your Blog

Next, Consistency is very important for creating a successful blog. If you are not consistent with your blog posts then it will not help you.

Instead of posting at an irregular period, it is always advisable to publish a post at fixed interval says twice a week.

Promote Your Blog

The next step involved in turning your blog into a business is Promotion. Every business requires promotion to find new potential customers. This will also apply to the Blogging Industry. You need to promote your blog to attract more visitors.

Please remember, Promoting your blog does not mean giving advertisement. It also includes Search Engine Optimization, Building Backlinks, Writing Guest Posts, Social Media Sharing etc.

If you are under assumption that people will find you online without any promotion then you are wrong. You will not get enough visibility without promoting your business.

For more information on blog promotion please refer below articles

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How to Promote Your Blog Online
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Hence, if you want to turn your blog into business, you need to invest some money on its promotion and advertisement. A good products can also get failed in the absence of enough visibilty.

Build Good Community

The next step involved in turning your blog into business is building a good community online. The online community will take your blog to a new level. It will not only provides you consistent traffic but also provides brand loyalty to your blog.

Build Online Community for your Blog

Build Online Community for your Blog

Next, we suggest using good platform for buiding a community online. Your platform play an important role while interacting with others. Remember, your competitors are using good platform for interacting with online users. With simple plug and play softwares they focus on community building rather than infrastructure.

In simple words, do not waste your time on building online infrastructure, instead select good online platform that provides all services like Chatting, Messaging, Video Calling, Interacting etc.

These all features are necessary for building a full fledge online platform for your users.

At last, this community will help you to generate leads for your business. Lead Generation is very important if you want to turn your blog into business. Without Lead Generation, no one will purchase your promoted products or services.


This is the last but most important step to turn your blog in to a business. If you know how to monetize your blog properly then you make a huge money out of it.

Remember, ther monetization does not means making money from Google AdSense and Affiliate only.  Besides these there are many other options also available.

monetize your blog into business

monetize your blog into business

If you are not good at AdSense or Affiliate then you can give a try to these options also. I have seen many blogs which are many huge money without using Google AdSense. You will find the list of different ways to make money from a blog below.

  1. Direct Advertisement
  2. Renting Internal Page
  3. Paid Guest Posting
  4. Paid Product or Service Review
  5. Surveys or Polls
  6. Online Selling Products or Services etc.

Above all are the some unique ways to make money besides Google AdSense and Affiliate.

Remember, all the above mentioned options may not work on blog. It may be possible that you are good at one option and not performing well in another. Hence, only focus on that option which gives you the best return.

But this does not mean you will not give a try to other alternative. I suggest, try all the option at once and then take your decision. Do not stick to one option without giving try to others.

Once you learned, how to monetized your blog optimically, your blog will automatically start generating money for you.

That’ its. Follow these guidelines or steps to turn your blog in to a business.

Over to You

For turning your blog into business, it is very important that you keep posting high quality content consistely and do not feel hestitate in experimenting new things. Blogging is a very dyamic and interactive profession. In this profession, you need to keep experimenting new things online. Next, you need to stay active for buidling sucessful blog online.

The above mentioned steps are continous in nature. You should keep sharing good content and promoting your blog.

What do you think about this article? Feel free to contact us if you face any problem in turning your blog into a business.

Next, if you are already making money from your full time blog then please do not forget to share your stories with us. Tell us how did you turn your blog into a business.

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