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5 Ways to Cut Down your Monthly Bills Online

Cut Down your Monthly Spending Bills Online

Do you want to cut down your monthly bills online? If yes then you’re at the right place. This blog post will tell you how to save money from your monthly spending online?

Don’t worry, we will not suggest you- use leftover foods or cook at home. Instead, we will share real ways to gain guaranteed cashback or save on your monthly spending online.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in to save your monthly bills below.

1. Buy during the Holidays

This is is the best way to save on your monthly bills online. Instead of purchasing at an unusual time, it is highly recommended that you should purchase during the holidays.

In India, at least one festival falls every month. So, you should try to buy it on that particular day. For example, in the month of October, you should buy in ‘Diwali Sales’.

Diwali Special offer at Amazon

2. Buy during Weekends

What if there are no holidays or any such celebrations during the month? In such a case, you should plan your spending during the weekends.

Today, almost every online store provides special offers during the weekends. For example, JioMart offers up to 50% during weekends

Weekends Sales Offer from JioMart

3. Take the help of Comparison Websites

While buying anything online, you surely want to buy it at the lowest price.

But, in this internet era where you always have more than one choice, it is very difficult to check and find the online store offering your product or service at the lowest price.

This problem can be resolved using Price Comparison websites. Such websites will compare prices over different online stores and share the result within a few seconds.

Price Comparison Websites

4. Take the help of Cashback Apps

Next on the list is Cashback App like Cashkaro, ibotta, etc. Such websites will provide you with good discounts and cashback on every purchase.

All you need to do is make your purchase through such websites. For example, you can earn rewards of up to 8% if you visit the amazon store through the CashKaro app.

CashKaro Offer for Amazon

Instead of visiting the amazon store directly. First, visit the CashKaro website and then go to the Amazon store via the link given on the Cashkaro website.

In this way, Cashkaro will earn a commission on your purchase, and thereby you will also get a portion of it.

5. Take benefit of a Huge Discount

This is another best way to save money on your monthly spending. Here, you can take the benefit from huge discount offers available online.

For example, Today’s deal on Amazon Store. Here, you will find discounts of up to 80% on your products and services.

Today’s Deal at Amazon Store

Similarly, Flipkart is also providing groceries at Rs. 1 on the store.

Rs. 1 deal at Flipkart

You can take the help of these deals to cut down your monthly groceries bills.

Over to you

What are your ways to save on monthly spending bills? Do not forget to share your ways with us in the below comment box.

Furthermore, feel free to ask if you need any clarification or more information on the above-mentioned methods to cut down your monthly bills. We will be happy to help you.

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