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5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Revenue

No Matter, what’s your budget? There’s always room to optimize your website and increase revenue from it. Here, in this article, I have shared 10 proven ways to increase website revenue.

Increase Website Revenue

There are plenty of ways to monetize your website. But, monetizing your website does not mean you’ll immediately start making money out of it.

Irrespective of monetizing methods, there are certain basic fundamentals that need to be implemented for generating revenue from a website.

This article will share those fundamentals in detail.

Of course, you can implement them with any of your monetization techniques used on your website.

So, What’re we waiting for? Let’s discuss those fundamentals for increasing website revenue from the website.

1. Increase In Website Traffic

An increase in Website Traffic is the panacea for all web problems. An increase in traffic will improve your conversion rate and therefore you will generate more revenue from your website.

Just go and check any successful website online. Heavy web traffic will be the common factor between them.

A website getting millions of page views will definitely generate more revenue than a website getting a few hundred page views per month.

But, before we move forward with other proven ways. Here, it is very important to note that an increase in website traffic does not mean using any cheap traffic source.

Never ever use any automated software to generate traffic on your site. Results from such traffic are temporary.

2. Change Placement of Ad Units

Change in ad placement doesn’t have a direct impact on website revenue. However, it will increase the number of clicks on your ad units.

And, this increase will thereon increase the ad revenue from it.

In simple words, place your ad units in such a way that they easily draw the attention of visitors and click on them.

Below are a few suggestions for the best ad placements on your site.

Best Ad Placement for Google AdSense
Best Ad Placement for Google AdSense

It is always advisable to change the place of ad units at a regular period. This is because of ad blindness where visitors of a website ignore ad banners.

After a few visits of your visitors, they know What all are the places where you have placed advertisements? And, hence they will ignore those places and thereby do not click on them.

To avoid this situation, it is very important to change the ad placement after a certain period of it.

3. Use Upselling Strategy

Upselling is a strategy where an attempt is made to convince customers to buy a more expensive or upgraded version of the product.

For example, while purchasing a smartphone from Amazon or any other online e-commerce store, you will find a comparison of something similar shown in the below image.

This is nothing but simply an implementation of the upselling strategy.

Upselling Products on Amazon
Upselling Products on Amazon

From the above image, you can clearly observe that Amazon is trying to sell you an upgraded version of a smartphone amounting to Rs. 13490.

Below is another good example of upselling strategy.

Vanilla Forum Pricing
Vanilla Forum Pricing

4. Sell Products and Services

Gone days when ad revenue was the only way to generate revenue from any website. Now, besides ad revenue, there are many other ways to make money from your website also.

Selling Products and Services online is one of them. And, it does not mean you need to start an e-commerce store like Amazon to sell online.

Even a simple blog without integrating any online store can sell products or services online.

For example, you can write a small ebook and upload the same on your blog. Next, add a PayPal checkout button to it and generate money by selling it online.

Confused? What to sell online? No problem, kindly share your blog in the below comment box. I will review your blog and share a few suggestions to sell products or services online.

5. Simplified your checkout process

Simplified your checkout process by reducing the number of steps or clicks involved in it. This is because, with every increase in click or step, you’re creating a barrier between them and completing the purchase.

Cutting down the number of clicks will reduce the chances of customers dropout and loss in the interest buying decisions.

It is strongly advised to implement the one-page check-out process in your store and avoid collecting and storing details not required.

For example, at EmbroideryShristi, you don’t require to register and log in to download freebie designs. Of course, this will not increase your website revenue directly but have an indirect impact on your site revenue.

Now users will not feel hesitant in downloading freebie samples and if they found them interesting then they will definitely come back to purchase the paid designs from the store.

In simple words, simply your checkout process to the extent possible and thereby increase your site revenue.

Over to you

So, What are you waiting for? If you want to increase your website revenue then implement above given tips immediately.

Of course, feel free to contact us or leave a message below in case you need any help in implementing them. I will be happy to help you.

Are you having any other way to improve the website’s revenue? If yes then please do share with others in the below comment box.

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