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Make Money Online: 8 Things Learned From 7 Years Of Experience In Online Business

This Is What I Have Learned From My 7 Years Of Experience In Make Money From Online Business

Making money online from home is not an easy task. But if you work hard then you will surely make money from it. This article is for all those people who want to make money online or planning to make money online. In this article, I have shared my experience with making money from the internet.  Below, you will find 8 things that I have learned from my 7 years of online experience.

But before starting with the article, let me introduce myself first. My name is Kaustubh Patel. By Qualification, I have done Cost and Management Accountant and Master of Business AdministrationTo know how I started making money online from home, please read the below article.

How I Made My First Dollar Online?

Make Money Online From Home

So, I am not from any technical profession.  Whatever, I have learned is self-taught and by trial and error method.  Seven years back, even I was a complete beginner in this field. Like everyone, I was confused with making money from online.

But today, I own one website, online store, and blog making a good wealth from online. Below article is about my experience on these websites. It includes

  • Online Store selling Machine Embroidery Design.
  • Educational Portal for Students Project Report and Study Materials.
  • A Blog on Marketing and Make Money Online.

But, Why I am telling this to you? I am telling this because I have learned everything from zero. My experience will work for everyone starting from a beginner to expert.

Further, if even being from a nontechnical background, I can make money from the internet then why you can’t? So, this article will help you to take your decision for start making money from the internet.

opportunities online business

opportunities online business

Please Note, here we are not going to discuss any legitimate online investment programs or techniques to make money from online. Instead, below I have shared my experience only. This will help to take better decision.

Please refer below article to know how to make money fast online without investment.
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How to Make Money Online

It was the year 2011 when I started making money online. My first income was 4 dollars from selling Machine Embroidery Designs in the USA. Next, today, I am running a successful business online.

Experience to make money from online home internet

Experience to make money from online home internet

My 7 year of experience taught me that it is difficult to make money from online but not impossible. Below you will find the list of things I have learned from online business.

It’s a Time-Consuming Process

Yes, making money online is a Time-Consuming process. In online business, it is not possible to make money immediately from the very first day. Instead, it will take some time to start making money from it. It took me two years to start making money from my online business. Of course, this cooling period is for new business only. It will not take two years if I expand my business or start a new business with the same name.

In the simple word, if you want to make money immediately or for short period then Online Business is not for you. In Online Business, there is no such term ‘Short Term’.  It is only for them who thinks about the future. Trust me, if you start an online business today and continue the same for the next few years then you will definitely make good money from it after three years.

Do you know? More than 70 percent of online businesses or blogs get closed down in the first year of the establishment itself.

Online Business is a Time Consuming Process

Online Business is a Time-Consuming Process

Remember, here we are discussing online business, which is different from an Online Job. In an online job, you can join any legitimate online investment programs and make money from immediately.  To know more about the online job please refer to the below article

Online Job and 5 reasons for not doing it

Online Business Is Not Socially Acceptable Business

Yes, professionally, online business is not an acceptable business.  I am making money from 2011 but till date, my parents are not accepting it. They insist me to close my business and focus on my full-time job.  My friends and relatives make a fun of me when I say that I am making money online.

Though we are living in digital India, it is still not socially acceptable business in India. My Friends tease me saying I want to make money online doing nothing.

On another side, my parents think Online Business is not a full-time solution. Unlike jobs in online business, there is no guarantee of making a fixed sum of money from it.

So, In India, making money from online activities means you are wasting your money and time.

Yes, with 460 million users, India is the second largest user of the Internet but this is only used for accessing Social Media Networks and Youtube.

Online Business is socially not acceptable business in India

Online Business is socially not an acceptable business in India

Patience, Patience And Lots Of Patience To Make Money Online

Yes, Online Business requires lots of patience.  Let us understand this with the help of a real example.

Recently, in April 2018, I found a sudden drop in keyword ranking. On Investigation, it was found that someone has created hundreds of bad backlinks for my blog LoveUMarketing.  These backlinks were created on Por* and Gambli** websites.

I immediately cleared all those backlinks using Google Disavow tools. But it took me around 10 to 20 days for recovering my website from this disaster.

It is only me who can understand how I had felt in those 10 to 20 days. In those 10 to 20 days, I keep checking my website daily and pray for its recovery. I was not sure that disavow tools will solve my problem.

I had tried my best to recover my website from this sudden drop. But the only solution left with me was to wait. I need to wait for Google to remove those backlinks and recover my website’s ranking.

Now, just think. What If, I do not have enough patience to wait for the Google. I will keep experimenting on my website and end with disaster.

Things Learned From 7 Years Of Experience In Make Money Online Business

Things Learned From 7 Years Of Experience In Make Money Online Business

In Online Business, nothing can happen immediately. To keep it simple. It takes at least one day to show your latest post in the Google Search Engine. For Example, Suppose you have written an article today on your blog. Google will take at least one day to index your website and show your new article in the Search Engine.

You will not find your article immediately on the Google Search Engine. Similarly, any changes to the website health will not be available immediately. You will require to wait for its impact.

Therefore, it is said that for creating a successful online business, lots of Patience is required.

Require Lots Of Discipline, Focus, And Dedication

Making online money require lots of focus and dedication to your work. Every day you will feel as if you are not making any money online and you want to close it.

Further, working from home is more difficult than it seems at first. It actually requires a lot of discipline, focus, and dedication to make money from online.

In simple words, you need to be a very disciplined person to make money from online.

Do not Belive Blindly On the Internet

Every day you will find lots of people claiming that they have made a huge money from the internet. I request you, please do not believe in them blindly. They are really a scammer only.

Do you know on the Internet nothing is real? Yes, everything starting with Social Media comments, reviews and likes are fake. The below screenshot will clarify you all doubts.

Facebook Likes for Sale

Facebook Likes for Sale

If I want then it will take only 24 hours to start making hundreds of dollars daily from a new website or blog.

Just check out the below snapshot. The person is making 30 to 50 dollars daily from his new website.  Do you know, how?

Make Money From Google AdSense

Make Money From Google AdSense

Actually, he is making this money by self-clicking on his own ads. Of course, in such case, his Adsense account will be at risk and it will get banned anytime.

So, this person will claim to help you but at the end, if you believe him blindly then you will end with your disabled AdSense account.

Please do not believe in any person without doing proper research. Take a proper time and check out his entire social media history before believing in anyone.

Online Business Is Really A Fun

I am doing online business since 2011 and all I can say is ‘It Is Really Awesome’. No 9 t0 5 job commitment and No boss pressure at all. You are your own boss.

You can run your business from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer/laptop and Internet Connectivity to run it.

In case of emergency, you can also use your SmartPhone to run your business online.

Trust me, Online Business is really a fun. You will enjoy it once you start it.

Beware of Social Media Distraction

One of the reasons for the failure of an online business is Social Media Distraction.  It is very difficult to avoid Social Media Network distraction when you are online.

You will keep checking your online social medias networks like Facebook, Quora while working. You will feel like you are spending 2 to 3 hours daily on online business but nothing is happening. This is because, out of these 3 hours, you are spending more than 2 hours on Social Media Networks.

In simple words,  you will spend most of your time checking your social media status rather than doing actual work.

Whether you are using a computer or SmartPhone, this distraction will be everywhere. Even, while using Smart Phone, you will keep checking your social media status and mobile apps.

To know how to not get distracted by the phone, please refer to the below article.

6 Ways To Use Your Smartphone For Your Online Business

Social Media Website

Social Media Website

So, if you want to do online business then you need to ensure that you do not get distracted easily. You need to be focused and discplined to do business online.

Promotion And Marketing Of Online Business

Promotion and Marketing is a key factor for the success of your online business.  No one will follow you if you don’t promote your online business.

If you are under the assumption that people will start following your business automatically then you are wrong. Simply adding product or content to your online, will not bring business to you. In such a case, you will get lost in the internet world.

Besides adding products or content to your business, you need to spare your time and budget separately for promoting your business online. Some of the ways to promote your business online are

  1. Use Google Adwords or Facebook to advertise your business online.
  2. Build Loyal Customer by providing proper and immediate customer services.
  3. Stay Active on other’s website or forum and build credibility for your business.
  4. Promote your website on various Social Media Network etc.

For more ways to promote online business please refer to the below articles.

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In a simple world, without promotion and marketing your website or online store will be like a graveyard. You will be online but no one will come to visit you.

Promoting and Marketing your Business Website

Promoting and Marketing your Business Website

Over to You

That’s all from my side. Now, what do you think about my expereince? Please do not forget to share your feedback in the below comment box. We will be happy to hear from you.

Further, please subscribe to this website for next part. Above all, I have just covered the important points. For remaining things please keep visiting this website.

At last, request you to please refer the below articles for creating a successful business online.

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