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How to get 10,000 email subscribers List

Grow Email Subscribers List for free

Email Newsletter is a great tactic you can use for online success. I am sure, even your consultant has told you to build an email subscribers list. Right?

Actually, it make sense in building the huge email list. Email list not only drive traffic but also improves conversion rate of your site.

Trust me, its a great technique for Lead Generation as well.

Email Subscribers List

According to custora report, email marketing drive 25% of the total online orders on Black Friday Sales followed by Organic Search, Paid Search and Social Media.

Email Marketing contribution to Sales

Still not convinced then please read below.

On EmbroideryShristi, I share a weekly email newsletter to my subscribers.

Every time, I send an email newsletter, I find 10x increase in my Google Adsense earnings and few paid orders on my store.

Trust me, building an email list is worth a time and efforts as well.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s start this article with Email Newsletter and building Email Subscribers List.

Let us first understand What is Email Newsletter?

What is Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter is an email sent to the subscribers list. These subscribers include both your existing and potential customers. Of course, these people have signed up to your email list and given consent to receive email newsletter from you.

Still not clear about Email Newsletter? Check out below attached image for more information.

Email Newsletter Example

Why Email Newsletter is Important?

Email Newsletter not only include important news and information to make audience aware but may also include sales offer, affiliate links and freebie products in it.

The below para will share the top 6 reasons for sending Email Newsletters.

  1. It bring traffic to your site
  2. Update your existing or potential customers about your brand and its product
  3. Boost Social Media Following
  4. Economy way to connect with customers.
  5. Drives sales
  6. Share important news and announcement with your followers.

So, Email Newsletters if implemented properly will contribute a lot to your online success.

But, this will happen only if you have a golden list of Email Subscribers. List of few subscribers will not make any difference.

At least you must have 10,000 email subscribers in your list to get benefited from it.

Always remember, the bigger your email list, the bigger power you will have.

So, now a question may arise? How to build a bigger email list for free? To get this answer please read below.

In below post, I have shared top 10 techniques to grow your email subscribers list for free.

1. Add Call to Action (CTA Button)

The call to action button is a button placed on a website, landing page, or email newsletter to redirect users for goal conversion.

In short it is a button that a users need to click to take the action you want them to take.

For Example, at LoveUMarketing, I have the CTA button ‘Subscribe‘ on top of the homepage. Something like this…

CTA Button Example

Here, users need to click on ‘Subscribe’ button to add them to my email list.

You can place CTA button in multiple places but its color, size, font and button size play an important role in getting conversion.

It is strongly advised to do A/B testing to find best places for CTA button. You can also use the inline subscription form to boost your email subscribers list effectively. This inline form will be shown in-between the blog post content.

2. Offer Incentives or Free Offers

This is another great way to increase Email subscribers list.

Incentives and offers mean special discounts, coupon or voucher codes, or freebie products. I am using this technique on my ‘EmbroideryShristi’ store.

Free Offers to increase email subscribers list

According to one study, Incentives and offers contribute 22.6% of the email subscribers list.

Reasons to subscribe to emailing list

Hence, if you want their email address then offer something to them in return.

If you own an eCommerce store then offer them discount coupons or freebie products. Whereas if you are a blogger then offer them restricted or member-only premium content.

The incentives and offers will lure an users to subscribe for your email list.

3. Take help of Influencers

Do you know? 70% of teens trust influencers more than celebrities and 60% of them even follow their advice.

Taking these numbers, if you take the help of influencers then you will definitely get the desired result.

But, taking the help of influencers is easier said than done.

They receive daily tons of emails from their followers asking for supports and advice. In such a case, it is very difficult to get touch in with any influencer.

But, once you convinced influencers to promote your brand, it will definitely increase your email list.

4. Cross Promotion with others

Let put this in a very simple words.

In this technique, you will setup a cross promotion with other successful bloggers or website owner. They will send an email to their list promoting your offer and in return you will send an email to your list promoting their offer.

In such a way, you both will get your brand exposed to new audience.

5. Give reassurance that you don’t Spam

Giving reassurance is a great way to grow your email subscribers list.

One of the major reason why people reductant to sign up an email list is SPAM or JUNK emails.

No one like an email inbox full of spam emails or daily offer on same product or service. Right?

Similarly, your visitors also don’t like spam emails. In such case, it become very important that your reassure your visitors that you will spam them.

This type of reassurance will increase number of users subscribing to your list.

Next, if possible then you can also mention the frequency of newsletters on your landing page. For example, Once a week.

You can tell your subscribers that you will send newsletter once a week only. Hence, you will not spam their email inbox.

6. Take the help of Pop Up

Email popups is a great way to grow your email subscribers list.

In this technique, a pop-up window will be shown to all visitors asking them to subscribe to your emailing list.

Of course, for a better result, you can mix this technique with others. For example, you can use Pop up, Reassurance, CTA button, and Incentive and Offers techniques together.

For Example, at LoveUMarketing, I am using these techniques to boost my emailing list.

Pop Up Email Subscriber

From the above image, you can clearly observe that I am using the CTA button, Free eBook Offer, and Popup together.

I know, popup box is annoying for most of users but if used properly then it will definitely boost your email subscribers list.

Do you know? Popups which are displayed immediately right away after a visit have low conversion rate than popups displayed after few seconds or two page views.

Hence, Popup display timing play an important role in getting number of subscribers. And, if not used properly then it is really annoying for your users.

7. Take help of sticky Floating Sidebar

If you don’t want to use a popup window to grow your emailing list then you can use the sticky floating sidebar instead.

This is technique is the same as the Popup window. The only difference in this technique is instead of using a popup, you will use a sticky floating sidebar here.

Place a subscriber form in the sidebar and sit back to see the magic.

8. Use Floating Hello/Welcome Bar

Have you ever seen a sticky floating notification bar at the top of a website? Something like this…

Hello Welcome Bar

This is know as Hello or Welcome bar.

You can use this notification bar to promote and generate leads. You can place it either on the top or bottom of the website and optimize for conversions.

9. Use Contact and Signup Form

Contact Us and Signup form is another best way to boost your email subscribers list.

In this technique, you can add an option to subscribe to your emailing list directly within your Contact us or Sign up form. For example, I did the same for my EmbroideryShristi store.

Email Subscribes List in Signup Form

If possible then you can keep this newsletter option enable by default. If a visitor don’t want to subscribe for your emailing list then they will deselect the same before signing up to your site.

10. Use Exit Intent Popup

The last but the most important way to boost your emailing list is use of exit Intent popup.

Exit Intent popup is a type of popup which will be shown to visitors when they intent to leave your website.

In simple words, exit intent popup will make one more effort to convert visitors when they intending to leave your site.

Yes, this is automatically. Exit Intent technology is capable enough to detect when someone is about to leave your website.

CTA button on Facebook

I am using this CTA button to provide customer support service to my followers over Whatsapp.

Similarly, you can also use the twitter cards to increase number of subscribers in your emailing list.

At last, I also suggest referring to this article sharing the best free email marketing websites for email marketing.

Over to You

No matter, how modern the digital marketing has become, the email marketing is still a best way to promote your brand and business.

And, to use email marketing, you will require a golden list of email subscribers in your list.

I hope the above methods will help you in getting 10000 subscribers easily.

And, as always, feel free to contact us if you need any help in understanding any of the above method or in getting more subscribers to your emailing list.

You can also contact us or leave your message in below comment box if you think we have missed out any important technique to mention here in this list.

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