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How To Increase CTR (Clickthrough Rate) In Google AdSense

How To Increase CTR (Clickthrough Rate) In Google AdSense

Are you looking for the safe CTR (Clickthrough Rate) or wants to increase CTR in Google AdSense? If yes, then this article is for you. Here, in this article, we have written on ‘Increasing CTR in Google AdSense‘.

CTR in google adsense is the number of clicks your ads receive versus number of ads shown on your website. In a simple language, if your website has a 100 page views with a 10 ad clicks then CTR rate will be 10%.

CTR is one of the most important factor in deciding your adsense revenue. If you CTR rate is low then it means you are receiving less number click on your ads and vice versa.

CTR in Google AdSense

CTR in Google AdSense

But before starting with the article, please note down the below important notes.

  • 10% or more CTR will make Google AdSense suspicious about your account for invalid clicks. It may also lead to permanently ban on your account.
  • 3 to 5% is considered as a best CTR for Google AdSense.
  • CTR is not the only factor for deciding your adsense revenue. 5 clicks per 100 page views is enough to make money from your adsense account. But provided you have a very good CPC (Cost Per Click) rate.
  • If someone claims that he know how to increase the CTR rate up to 25% then please don’t believe them. If your CTR rate is 25% then there are the highly chances that your account will get ban by the Google. This is because it is not possible to achieve this result through correct mean. The only way to achieve this is through use of self-clicking softwares.
  • Please do not get confused by the terms Page Views and Ad Impression or Display. In this article these terms are used interchangably. This is because

Let us understand the above scenario with the help of an example.

ANumber of Ad displayed1000
BClicks on Ads50
CCTR ( Cickthrough Rate) Rate5%
DCPC ( Cost Per Click) Rate0.5


In the above example, we have derived the CTR rate by diving the number ad clicks with displayed ads (B/A)

So, you will make 25 $per day if you get 1000 page views, 50 clicks and the CPC rate of 0.50$.

To know how to get the CPC rate of 0.50$ and 1000 page views per day, please refer the below articles.

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Now, let us dicuss how to increase CTR rate in Google AdSense below.

Increase CTR (Clickthrough Rate) in Google AdSense

CTR rate can be increased in two ways. First increase the number of clicks and Second decrease the page views or Ad Impression.

Of course, no one wish to learn how to decrease the page views. So, below we will discuss how to increase the number of clicks on ads only.

Placement of Ads

The first and most relevant way to increase the CTR rate is Ad Placement. The way in which you placed your ads on the website play a very important role in getting number of clicks on the ads. An ad placed in article will get more number of clicks than the ad placed isolated anywhere on the website.

Accordding to one study it was found that a user spends 80% of its times above the fold on the website.

So, its a self explanatory that if you want more number of clicks then you should placed an ad above the fold.

You will find the best ad placements in the below image.

Best Ad Placement for Google AdSense

Best Ad Placement for Google AdSense

Ad Blindliness

Avoid ad blindness if you want to increase the CTR rate in Google AdSense. When a users visit your website regularly, they become familiar to your ad placements. They will beome so used to your website layout that there brain will start ignoring your ads on the website.

Remember, users comes to your blog or website for reading the content not to click on the advertisement. If they easily differentiate between the ad and content then they will not click on the ad. This will decrease the number of clicks and there by the CTR rate.

So, it is always suggested that you should keep changing the position, sizes and types of your ads.

Note: Changing the position, sizes and types of your ads does not mean that you will change it daily.But instead you should change it at a regular period of time and only if you have a good number of regular users.

Heat Mapping Technique

Heat Mapping is a technique to known where your users are clicking on the website. Using this technique you can easily identify the best placements for your ads.

Ofcourse, you’ll place your ads where you will get more number of clicks.

There are many plugins available to use this technique. All you need to do is install this plugin to identify the area where your users are clicking more.

Use of In Feed Ads

In Feed Ads is an another way to increase the CTR rate in Google AdSense. Unlike default ad unit, it will allow you to place an ad within the post. Using this ad unit there will be more chances that your user will click on the ads. To know why, please refer the below image.

In Feed Ads

In Feed Ads

Formatting Your Ads

Here by the term formatting, we mean changing color, size and the text of the advertisement. You should properly format the ads, so that it looks exactly identical to your website content.

In such a case you will have more number of chances to get clicks on the ads. For more information, check out the below image.

Formatting Ads in Google AdSense

Formatting Ads in Google AdSense

In the above image, you will find that it is very difficult to identify the content and advertisement. Your readers will also find the same confusion and will click on the advertisement instead of post.

Remember, CTR rate is not the only factor that will decide your adsense earning. If you want to know how to increase your adsense income then please refer the below article also.

A Complete Guide to Google AdSense

Now your turn. If you are using any other technique or way to increase CTR in your Google AdSense then please share with us. You can share your answer in the below comment box. Further, feel free to comment or contact us if you’re facing any problem in increasing your CTR rate. We will be happy to help you.

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