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How I Built a Niche Site Earning More Than $200 per Month From Google AdSense

How I Built a Niche Site Earning More Than $100 per Month From Google AdSense

The Internet is the best option for making passive money. If you’re looking for the way to make passive money from online then you must read this post. Here, in this post, we have written about How we built a niche site earning more than $200 per month from Google AdSense. Yes, You heard it correctly. We have built an online store, earning more than $200 per month without doing anything. Next, these $200 are in addition to income made through sales at the store. Actually, the total income from the store is around 600 dollar per month.

In this article, we have shared the blueprint of creating a niche site selling products online. Don’t worry, if you don’t have anything to sell. You can still make money from your niche site. Instead of starting an online store, you can start the website or blog.

The Micro Niche, on which we have started an online store is ‘Embroidery Designs‘. The name of this store is ‘EmbroideryShristi‘. EmbroideryShristi is making more than 800 dollars per month from Google AdSense and Selling Embroidery Designs online.

We know you’re wondering, If you don’t know how to digitize Embroidery Designs, then how could you start this online store? But, wait. We have an answer for you.

    1. It is not mandatory to start an online store. Instead, you can start a blog or website also. At EmbroideryShristi, we have also started a forum to make money from Google AdSense
    2. If you don’t know how to digitize embroidery designs then instead you can sell products like Clipart, PowerPoint Templets, PowerPoint Presentation etc. These products are called Virtual Products and it is easy to make money from it.


  1. In this article, We have used the term ‘Niche Site‘, for defining a website or blog or online store.
  2. The actual idea of writing this article is not to teach you how to become a billionaire without doing anything but we want you to learn how to make passive money the from the Internet?

To know more about Virtual Products, you can refer the below articles.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s discuss this beautiful Micro Niche below.

Blueprint To Build A Niche Store That Makes Money

Micro Niche Sites are websites that have a very specific focus on a particular topic. Hence to start a niche site, you must have a specific topic first. For Example, If you want to start a site on Health then Weight Loose, Pimple Removal are the specific topics of it. It is always advisable to start a blog or website on a specific topic rather than a general one.

Wondering? How to find this specific topic? Don’t worry we will help you.

Selecting a Niche Topic

Have you ever heard the term ‘Work Break Down Structure’? In WBS, a project is broken down into small components which can be easily managed by a team. The same concept is applicable here. To find the specific topic, You need to break down the particular subject into small components to the extent it becomes manageable for you.

Let us understand this with the help of an example. 

Suppose you want to start an online store or blogging site on’Fashion‘. You can break down this industry into two-part say Male and Female. Next, further divide it into different parts say Clutch, Shoes, T-Shirts, Earrings etc.

Now, select any one of this subdivided topics and start making money from it.

Yes, if you want, then you can even further divide these topics. For example, you can further divide the Shoes into a particular type or color. You can start an online store selling Red Color Shoes only.

In our case, we divided Fashion into Male and Female and then Female Fashion into Clothing and finally Clothing into Embroidery Designs.

Remember, EmbroideryShristi is not about the Fashion or Clothing business. It is an online store selling Embroidery Designs only.

Benefits of Micro Niche Topic

If you’re confused, Why you should select the specific niche over general niche then you should refer the below benefits first.

  1. Micro Niche store or blog don’t have much competition in search engines.
  2. They drive most of the traffic by organic search engine results
  3. Focus on Quality rather than Quantity.
  4. Since you are site is on the specific niche, it is easy to rank your website on search engines.

Select Domain Name

Once you have selected the niche topic the next step involved in building a niche site is selecting the best Domain Name.

It is always advisable to select a domain name that includes your niche name also. For example, for Embroidery Design niche, we have selected the name ‘EmbroideryShristi’. This domain name includes our niche ‘Embroidery’ in it.

Check out the below article to get a list of websites providing domain name suggestions.

Websites to get Domain Name Suggestion

Now you are ready with your niche and domain name. So, the next step in creating a niche site is ‘Selecting an Online Platform‘.

Selecting an Online Platform

This is the third step involved in starting a niche site. If you want to start a  website or blog then WordPress will work best for you. But if you want to start an online store then Prestashop will work best for you.

At EmbroideryShristi, we have selected Prestashop for starting an online store. Prestashop is the best open source platform for creating an online store.

For running a forum we are using a Simple Machine Forum. SMF is an open source platform for running an online forum or message board.

Social Media Networks

The next step involved in creating a niche site is Social Media Presence. Create an account on various Social Media Networks and promote your content on it.

We know it is not possible to manage all social media networks together hence we suggest to first start with a specific one or two Social Media Networks.

At EmbroideryShristi, we started with three Social Media Network, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Since EmbroideryShristi is a fashion related niche, Pinterest was very important for us. Today, we are receiving more than 60% of the traffic from Pinterest.

Hence, selection of the social media networks depends on your niche.

Website Promotion

Website Promotion is the next step involved in starting a niche site. Without any promotion, it is very difficult to drive traffic on the website or store.

You can refer the below articles to know how to promote your website or store for free.


This is the last and very important steps for making money from your niche site. At EmbroideryShristi, we are making money through Google AdSense and selling Embroidery Designs online.

For other ways to make money from your website, please refer the below article.

10 Ways to Make Money with Your Website

Over to You

The above steps are enough for starting a niche site. If you follow the above steps then one day you will definitely start making passive income from your site.

At last, What do you think about this article? Please do not forget to share your opinion with us. Further, if you face any problem in finding and starting a micro-niche site then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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