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Why Does Online Business Fail: Biggest Secret Revealed for Failure

Why does online Business Fail? Have you ever thought about this question? What do you think? What can be the reasons for so many failed business online? If you’re looking for the same answer this post has a solution for you. In this article, we will the revealed the biggest reason for the failure of any online business.

Whether you start an online business venture or blogging website, the success rate of such businesses will remain always low. According to one study,  more than 90% of the online business get failed within the first year itself. The situation gets more worse due to free entry and exit barriers in online business. Yes, you can start and exit an online business anytime without incurring any cost.

Online Business Failure

Online Business Failure

Online Business Failure: User-Friendly is more important than SEO-Friendly

There are many reasons for the failure of an online business like a lack of dedication, innovative idea, lack of patience etc. Among these, there is one common reason responsible for almost all failures. In fact, this is the only biggest reason for the failure. It is because of this reason only, online business does not get successful, though working hard on it.

This common and the biggest reason for the failure is ‘ SEO Friendly over User-Friendly Content

Whenever you start an online business or blogging website, your focus always lies with increasing the traffic on your store or blog. No matter whether the driven traffic is useful to your website or not? You will get happy if more number of users visit your website.

SEO Friendly over User Friendly Content

SEO Friendly over User-Friendly Content

If you do ‘Google Search, then you will find that people are using different techniques to drive traffic to their website or blog.  They keep on asking how to increase traffic on their blog or website. But none of them focus on writing a good content for their users.

You give more importance to SEO friendly over user-friendly website or blog.

So,  to create a succesful blog or online business, you need to concentrate more on content writing rather than focusing on SEO Friendliness.

Please remember, I am not saying that SEO Friendly website is not neccessary for creating a  successful online business. Of course, it is key factor in creating successful website or online business. There is no doubt in it.

But, SEO friendly website can’t over weight the importance of good content. A good content is more important than the SEO friendly website.

Have you ever wondered, How Facebook has created a succesful Social Media Website

What do you think? How Facebook got successful? Does Mark Zuckerberg tried to create good backlinks for his website or focus on submitting sitemap to Google Webmaster? Of course, Not. Facebook got succesful because of its unique and innovative content.  The users like the content and therefore Google Search appericiate it.

In simple words, no matter how hard you work to create succesful website, if users visiting your website do not like it, it will add any value to your website or blog. A good content is always given more important over other techniques.

Users must like your content rather than Google

Users must like your content rather than Google

To create a successful online business or website, instead of focusing on SEO better focus on what your users like to read.  If your users like your content then google will automatically start liking your website or blog.

Thus, henceforth start thinking for your users rather than SEO and other techniques to promote your business. If you start giving priority to your uses than no one can stop you from creating a good and succesful website or blog.

Over To You

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Further, feel free to ask your queries, if you are facing any problem in creating successful online business or website/blog.

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