13 Best Cover Photos For Twitter Account Header

How will you feel, if you visit a Twitter account and find the default egg profile picture on it? Of Course, you will not like it. Now, just imagine, if…

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20 Brand Names You Do not Realize Are Brand Names

Brand Name means¬†a name given by the maker or owner of a product or range of products. It means it is a name given to a particular item or product…

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Indian Flag

Beautiful Promotion Stragety by vegetable vendors on Indian Replublic Day

Happy Indian Replublic Day to all… What a beautiful promotion by the local vendors? Really Beautiful

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Fevicol Adhesive Sets Up The Free Store

Free Store by Fevicol in Mumbai

Welcome to the India’s First Free Store,where everything you see is available for free! Yes, you heard it correctly.¬†Fevicol India came with a free store where everything is available at…

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Happiness Truck Ad

Happiness Truck by Coca Cola

The Beautiful campaign by the Coca-Cola. It is good to spread the happiness with everyone around you. Coca-Cola ran a new campaign where truck gives out the free coke, t-shirts,…

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