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5 Pro Tips to Implement Video Marketing Approach for The First Time

Video Marketing Approach Implementation

Content has been and will always remain king in digital marketing. However, this no longer means producing high-quality articles regularly.

Online Content also includes other formats too. For example, Video, Infographic, eBook etc. For more details kindly refer to the below link.

6 Popular Types of Content Available Online

Now, to improve your digital marketing strategy, you should use these other forms of content such to increase your customer base. Video is one of them.

Let’s discuss the implementation of this (video) content in detailed below.

Video Marketing Approach Implementation

Video marketing is the practice of utilizing videos to inform people about your offerings. It helps improve the engagement on your social media channels, educates your target audiences, and allows you to expand your reach to other audiences. High-quality and informative videos can also become your key to ranking higher in the search engines results pages or SERPs.

If you don’t have any experience implementing a video marketing approach, following the tips below can guarantee your success:

1. Define Your Purpose

Thanks to the number of software and apps available today, creating videos has become surprisingly simple. However, many create one just for the sake of it and fail to think why they’re creating a video in the first place.

Don’t make the same mistake and begin your video marketing approach by thinking about the purpose of your videos. Having a clear goal will help you streamline your efforts and easily determine which animated elements to use in your videos. Most importantly, it’ll be easier for you to measure the progress of your marketing campaigns if you know where your efforts are heading.

Listed below are some possible goals your business might want to aim for using videos:

  • Closing the sale: If you’re aware that your customers are having a hard time navigating through your website to check out products, create videos to help them overcome these problems. This will foster healthy relationships with your customers and boost your online sales.
  • Increase web traffic: You can also use videos to encourage your target audience to visit your website. High-quality videos are sharable online and can significantly help increase your web traffic. Just make sure that you already have a plan to keep visitors engaged on your website once they arrive.
  • Creating awareness: If your business is still new or you’re offering new products and services, use videos to educate your target audience. It’ll be easier for you to haul in customers if the public knows that your business exists.
  • Establish customer loyalty: Do you want to encourage first-time buyers to patronize your products and services again? Harness the power of videos to keep them engaged after their first purchase.

2. Avoid Covering Too Many Things In One Video

You can do a lot of things in your videos, but this doesn’t mean you should. Covering too many things in one video will only lessen the efficacy of its content.

Instead of trying to talk about five topics in one video, identify the common thread in all of the topics and focus on making a video about that. For example, if you’re running a tree service company, you might want to create a video that shows your all of services and why you’re better than your competitors.

With this in mind, your video might include clips of contractors providing tree services to property owners, why tree pruning is beneficial, and how affordable your services are. You might even decide to include testimonials from some of your satisfied customers.

Rather than showing all of those things, showcase one common denominator in your videos: the quality of your services. You can achieve this goal by shooting only the working process of your contractors so your audience can see what happens once they hire your tree service company. You can also use animation to showcase your company’s different tree care services and explain why each is crucial to maintaining trees.

Regardless of how you’re going to go about making the video, ensure that the material only serves one ultimate purpose. If you’re going to talk about different things, see to it that the topics covered fall under one theme.

3. Include A Call To Action In Your Videos

Your efforts to create videos will be useless if viewers are left hanging after they watch the material. In fact, you’ll never achieve any of your goals if viewers don’t take any action after watching your videos.

The most common example of CTA button on video is of the YouTube. Here, you’ll definitely find the ‘Subscriber’ button on YouTube videos.

CTA Button on YouTube Videos. Source of Channel

Now, to ensure success in your video marketing approach, always include calls to action in your videos. It’s important to tell the viewers what they should do next so they remain engaged with your brand. For example, if your video aims to increase website traffic, include links to your website at the end of the video. In this way, viewers will know what to do, and you’ll be able to achieve the goals you’ve set—it’s a win-win for both parties.

4. Keep Your Videos Short

Studies show that the average attention span of a person is around 12 seconds. This means that your target audience can only concentrate or remain interested in your videos for 12 seconds.

For your video marketing approach to succeed, aim to keep your videos short, preferably less than five minutes. Publishing longer views mean lesser people can finish watching them. Humans easily get bored and publishing long videos will likely cause them to hit the close button.

The most successful marketing videos run between one to five minutes, but three-minute-long videos are often enough. Ensure that your videos are short but informative to drive results.

5. Evaluate Your Progress And Success

The process of implementing a successful video marketing approach isn’t a one-time feat. It’s an ongoing process that needs consistent evaluation and improvement. Even if you followed tips one to four, don’t expect that your video marketing approach will automatically become successful.

Maximize analytics to measure how your videos are performing. Today, there are tools that allow you to determine how successful your videos are using different metrics, such as play rate, engagement rate, click-through rate, and view count. The information you can get from these tools will help you determine whether your video marketing approach is working or needs improvement.

Use This Article As Your Guide

Video marketing can contribute to your business’s success, but only if the approach is implemented properly. A poorly implemented video marketing campaign will only hurt your business instead of attracting new customers, retaining old ones, and earning more profits.

Exert time and effort to follow the tips discussed in this article. Yes, these tips might seem like a lot, especially for neophytes, but these are necessary to increase your chances of success.

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