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3 Real Ways To Increase AdSense Income

Increase Google AdSense Income

Tired everything but can’t increase the Google AdSense Income? No Problem, you are in the right place. In this article, I have shared the real ways to increase your Adsense Income.

If you do the Google Search then there are more than 9,00,000 results available online for increasing Adsense income or Increasing Adsense earnings per click. But, very few people are making money from it.

Have you ever wonder. Why?

Next, though you have implemented almost all the different ways to increase Adsense revenue, you are still not making money from Google AdSense. Next, your Google Adsense earnings per clicks will remain low. Why?

The answer to both the above questions is the same. This is because you only know the different ways to increase it. For example, Increase Adsense clicks, Improve Adsense RPM, CPM and CPC etc will boost your Adsense earnings. But, You don’t know the real tricks behind these Adsense tips.

Let us understand this with an easy example.

We all know that 2×3 will be 6. But, do you know? How will you get this answer? You will get this answer by adding the 2 for three times that is  2+2+2 will give you answer 6.

Similarly, Ad Placement, High CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords, Block/Unblock Ad Networks etc are the answer to your question but you don’t how these all ways got arisen?

Next, it is not necessary that, if it worked for my blog or youtube then it will also work for your blog. Different blogs require different Google AdSense techniques to increase it.

Factors like your blog structure, web traffic, niche etc will impact also impact your earning potential. If you really want to increase your AdSense earnings then you should plan out your techniques considering this all factors.

Actually, the online articles will only share you the different ways to increase the AdSense earnings but if you really want to increase it then you need to consider these techniques along with other factors impacting it.

In simple words, try to understand how those all ways will impact your blog and after considering all the factors decided what will work best for you.

For example, I will not place the ad unit above the fold if the average age of my visitor is above 60. This is because, though I can improve the Adsense income by placing the ad unit above the fold. it will work only if I get enough clicks on it.

But in my case, since the average age of my visitors is 60. They will make them frustrated. Hence, there will be less number of clicks and I will not make money by placing the ad unit above the fold.

Hence, understanding is very important to increase AdSense Income. Below, I will share a few factors that will impact your blog Adsense earnings and if controlled then also helps you in increasing the AdSense Earnings.

Best Ways To Increase Google AdSense Income

Below, I will share the real ways to increase AdSense Income. These all the ways are explained properly and applicable to all the blog. I promise you, once you implement the below different ways, you will start making good money from your Google AdSense account. Further, all those ways discussed earlier will also start working with you.

How to increase the adsense CPC

How to increase the Adsense CPC

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start discussing these below.

#1. Web Traffic

This is the first and the only best and legitimate way to increase your Adsense income. No matter, what technique you will implement, if there is no increase in your web traffic then your AdSense income will not increase.

Remember, different ways like changing ad placements, using high CPC keywords will only increase your AdSense earnings by 5 to 6%. But, if you really want to double or triple your AdSense earnings then you need to increase your web traffic.

How to find High CPC Keywords and Increase Google AdSense CPC Rate upto $50

In 2011, I was making 20 dollars per month and today I am making 400 dollars per month. This change is not on account of implementing different ways to increase AdSense earnings but this is because of an increase in my web traffic. Initially, very few are visiting my website and now, lakhs of visitors are visiting my website.

Next, along with numbers, the quality of the traffic is also important. It is a known fact that in Google AdSense, you will get paid more if you are receiving traffic from the western countries like USA, UK etc.

Best Ad Placement for Google AdSense

Best Ad Placement for Google AdSense

Hence, to increase your AdSense income, make sure you receiving enough traffic on your blog and most of them are from western countries. If your blog satisfied this condition then only you can increase your AdSense income.

#2. Website Structure and Designing

This is another way to increase your AdSense income. Improve your website interface and make it more user and AdSense friendly.

AdSense friendly means your blog should be such that it can easily show the google ads within the blog and you get enough numbers of clicks on it.

Just imagine. You are running a blog on which there is no space to show your google ads on the above the fold content. In this case, you will lose huge potential earnings because of poor web designing.

Remember, in Google AdSense, advertisers have the option to pay a different amount for different types, size, and placement of the ad units. Hence, the price paid for the rectangle image ad unit will be different from the price paid for the square ad unit.

But this does not mean, you placed your all Google Ads above the fold. Remember, you will get this amount paid only if you get clicks on these advertisements. Hence, a proper trade-off is required to make money from Google AdSense account.

#3. Source of Traffic

The last but not the least way to increase AdSense income is the source of traffic. By term source of traffic, we mean from where your visitors are coming. The price you will get paid for social media traffic will be different from organic traffic.

Next, remember Google knows everything. They know from where the visitors have come and what are there interest and intention behind clicking on the ads.

Let us understand this with an example.

Take your friend’s smartphone and clicks on your own ads. Trust me, you will get paid less amount for this click. Do you know? Why?

This is because Google knows everything. Here, in this case, your source of traffic is the direct visit to the blog using blog address. Hence, you will get paid less as compared to organic traffic.

Hence, you will not make good money if you are not receiving normal organic traffic from search engines.

Take Away Tips

For more, please refer the below articles on Increasing Google AdSense Income.

Wrapping Up

Trust me. To increase AdSense income, just focus on three important things. 1) Increase in Web Traffic 2) User and SEO friendliness and 3) Source of Traffic.

Once you start receiving the visitors from western countries using the search engine, your AdSense income will automatically get increased. Further, all those techniques discussed earlier in this article will also start working for your blog.

At last, if you still face any problem in increasing your AdSense earnings then you can contact us through below comment box. We will be really happy to help you.

3 thoughts on “3 Real Ways To Increase AdSense Income”

  1. Love U Marketing

    NO, traffic form the various Social Media Channels is not considered as the bad source of traffic. But, please make sure you kept the below points in mind before coming to any conclusive decision.

    1. Of course, Social Media traffic is inferior to Organic Traffic. You will get paid more if you are receiving traffic from the Search Engine.
    2. If you are simply copy and paste the complete or a part of the article on the social media to drive traffic to your site then there is possiblity of your site will get hit back by the penalty for duplicate content. Hence, it is always suggested to write unique social post for sharing on various social media networks.
    3. Google emphasis on reality. If you are continously getting traffic from Social Media then it will send an alert to Google. Hence, attempts should be made to get traffic from all source of traffic. In simple words (for your better understanding), Google gives importance to more than 200 signals. In short, Google has allocated a certain percentage of weigthed to all these signals. Mastering in one signals will not help you. You need to score goods marks in all the signals.

    Hope it is clear now. If you still have any question, feel free to reply or share your question in our question and answer page at below link

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