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42 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid in 2022


In my online journey of 12 years, one thing that I had learned is:-

Failure is the key to success. Each Failure teaches us something!”

But, you don’t have to get failed to learn new things in blogging. Here, through this article, I will share common blogging mistakes with you.

For easy understanding, I had classified these blogging mistakes into different categories as mentioned below.

A. Blogging Mistakes

The first on the list is Blogging Mistakes. These mistakes are related to starting and running a blogging website online.

1. Selecting a Multi Niche

Starting a multi-niche blog just because you find it difficult in identifying the best blogging niche is a stupid idea. Such blogs don’t provide any valuable information to their readers.

Let suppose, you start a multi-niche blog covering topics like Cricket, Health, SEO, and Embroidery Designs. Now, a reader found one of your health articles very useful and informative. He/She subscribed to your blog.

Then you published a new blogpost on SEO and sent a newsletter to him/her asking to check the new article. It will very annoying to him/her as he/she is not interested in SEO.

2. Blogging Niche for Money Only

Selecting a blogging niche just for making money is really not a good idea. After writing a few blog articles you will become infuriated and do not stick with it further. Remember, for building a successful blog, it is very pertinent that you are interested in the niche selected.

3. Selecting a Niche just because it is Popular

Choosing a niche just because it is popular is another bad idea. Such blogging niche will limit your capabilities in creating high-quality blog articles. If you want your blogging journey enjoyable then ensure you select the niche in which you are really excited.

4. Selecting a Domain Name

Domain Name once selected can’t be changed later. Therefore it is highly advisable that you should double-check the domain name before using it. The domain name is just like your brand or company name. You can’t keep on changing every time.

5. Blogging without Goals

A life without goals is like a race without a finish line. This also applies to blogging. If you start a blog without any goals then you will not achieve anything from it. Goals help you to manage given tasks effectively.

6. It is not a Short Journey

Blogging is not a fortnight journey where you’ll start the blog and it will get successful immediately. It takes at least 1 to 3 years to drive traffic and start earning enough money from it.

7. Monetizing from very first day

Monetizing your blog from the very first day is a stupid idea. Such blogs can’t sustain for longer. Instead, focus on creating high-quality content and driving organic traffic to it. After a few years, you will see the magic. The blog would have become the biggest treasure for you.

8. Not re-investing money in blogging

During the initial days, after keeping a certain amount aside you should re-invest the money in your blog. Trust me, for every amount invested, you will get a good amount of returns in the future.

9. Give up early

Blogging is a tough journey especially during its initial period when there are almost zero followers and less than 10 blog articles. Only a few bloggers pass through this time. It is highly advisable that you should not easily give up yourself during this period and stay focused on your goals.

10. Enable all available Features or Functions

Usually, a beginner blogger makes this mistake. Irrespective of needs, they enable all features and functions available on the blogging platform. This will then increase the loading time of the blog.

11. Selling irrelevant products

Selling irrelevant products is another biggest blogging mistake that usually a beginner makes. A blog on SEO can’t generate sales for parenting products. The reason is obvious- People looking for parenting products will not visit an SEO blog for it.

12. Not maintaining the Consistency

Both publishing too many or not publishing a single blog article can be harmful to your blog. It is very pertinent that you maintain a consistent approach in publishing the blog post.

13. Not Spying on competitors

Competitor spying is very important for the success of your blog. You can easily sneak the working strategies by spying on your competitors.

For example, you check the source from where your competitors are getting backlinks and can use the same for your link-building strategy.

14. Having a blind Trust

With no barriers for entry and exit, today anyone can start a blog online. However, such people don’t have real experience and also forge the revenue statement shared online.

Yes, using ‘Developer Tools’, you can easily forge anything online. The below-attached snapshot of Fake Google Adsense earnings is proof for you.

Fake Google Adsense Earnings

Hence, don’t trust any blogger or influencer online without doing your homework.

15. Not using the CTA Button

CTA button will direct potential customers which action to be taken next and remove resistance in moving down the sales funnel. In simple words, it will improve the conversion rate and help you in gaining likes, shares, customers, and subscribers effectively.

B. Blogpost Mistakes

The second on the list is Blogpost Mistakes. This category includes mistakes related to creating and publishing blog posts online.

16. Write in a long paragraph

Staying focused is very difficult especially when you are reading a long paragraph online. Writing the content in two to three sentences is highly preferable here. This will make the content easy to understand and hold.

17. Spelling and Grammatical Errors

No one likes the content full of spelling and grammatical errors. This includes Search Engines also. Google’s Mueller explained that content with spelling and grammatical errors can impact rankings because it impacts users and is thus a quality issue.

18. Not using keyword in first Paragraph

Preferably, you should include the focus keyword in the first sentence of the content. But, if in case it is not possible then it must be included at least in the first paragraph. Remember, this will help your readers and search engines to figure out what the below content is all about?

19. Using any unrelated Visuals

Using visuals does not mean you can add any random photo or video to your content. Such visuals will not come up with any valuable information to your readers and at the same time also increase the size of the webpage.

20. Not using proper Heading Tags

Heading tags must be should properly in chronological order. You should not use the H4 tag immediately after the H1 tag.

Use of Heading Tags in Content
Use of Heading Tags in Content

21. Not Formatting the content properly

The below examples will clarify the importance of formatting in the content:-

  • Keep fonts size bigger if your target auidence are senior citizens. This will help them to read content easily.
  • Use pink color if your blog is realted to feminisim
  • Bold or Underline the important keywords to gain attention etc.

22. Not concluding properly

Any blog article without a conclusion will look incomplete. Make sure you write a proper conclusion at the end of the article. You can also conclude the article by asking your readers to share feedback on the above post.

23. Using heavy Images

Here, the term Heavy means Images that are heavy in the size. Such images will take more time to load and hence it will increase the loading time of your webpage. Make sure you compress the image files without losing their quality before uploading the same on the blog.

24. Writing an incomplete article

There will be no benefit in writing long content if your article is incomplete. Make sure you include all relevant information and conclude the article properly. Your readers should feel satisfied after reading the article.

25. Keyword Stuffing

Overloading the content with keywords does not mean it will improve its ranking. Instead, Search Engines will consider them as Spam and may also penalize your content.

26. Not Linking to Related Topics

If you have any other article written on the same or related topic then link back the same in the content for better exposure. This might help your readers if they have any other questions after reading your blog post.

27. Not creating high-quality content

High-quality content will not only boost traffic but also increase the conversion rate. Without evergreen content, it is not possible to build a successful blog online

28. Using a very difficult language

Remember, you are writing a blog post, not a book. Hence, keep your writing style very simple and Informal. It should be such that your readers can understand it easily.

29. Publishing plagiarized content

Publishing plagiarized content will not harm your blog but also increase the risk of getting sued by the original creator. Be careful, such contents are not good for you.

30. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content does not mean plagiarized content all time. Besides plagiarizing, you may also have a duplicate content issue for using the same content across the blog. For more details, kindly refer to this article on ‘Impact of Duplicate Content.

31. Creating only text content

Content creation does not mean writing a blog post only. It also includes podcasts, ebooks, infographics, etc. Make sure you are using these different types of content available online for better results.

C. Blog Promotion

The next on the list is Blog Promotion Mistakes. This list includes mistakes incurred in promoting your blog content online.

32. Not promoting the content at all

If you are under the assumption that you will write evergreen content and readers will find you automatically then you are wrong. Besides creating content, Content Promotion is also important. You should at least spend half of the hours required for creating the blog content.

33. Not promoting content on Social Media

According to one study, in October 2021, almost 60% of the world’s total population is using Social Media. It means you will miss a major chunk of customers if not using Social Media. Additionally, promoting content on Social Media is FREE.

Social Media Networking Sites Use
Social Media Networking Sites Use

35. Not repurposing your content

If you had already put lots of effort into writing the content then why not repurpose the same content for other formats?

For example, you can convert your long blog article into a small ebook summary and upload the same on various documents sharing websites.

36. Not using Brand Collaboration

One of the best ways to reach a larger audience is to step into someone else’s audience. In simple words, build relationships with people in the same industry and mutually promote each other content or products online.

D. Blog Designing

The last category on the list is Blog Designing. This category includes blogging mistakes related to designing and optimizing the blog design.

37. Not Optimizing Images

Images play a critical role in designing your blog. However, high-resolution images will increase the webpage size and thereby have an adverse impact on your search performance. It is very pertinent that these images are properly optimized before uploading to your site.

38. Updating Parent Theme

Changes to the parent theme will be lost after an update. You may prevent this from happening by creating the child theme and making changes to it.

39. Not using Mobile Friendly Theme

Today people have gotten so used to instant access to information that they expect to be able to find anything on their mobile devices. With this requirement, it is very important that you build a mobile-friendly blog online

40. Not making changes on live blog

Just imagine. You are reading an article on a blog and all of sudden you get a ‘Not Working’ error on it. How do you feel? Of course, you will get frustrated. This is the reason why it is not advisable to make changes on a live blog. If anything goes wrong then it will not impact your visitors online.

Instead, you may make these changes on the test server then move it to the live site.

41. Not optimizing a website theme

A poorly coded theme can badly impact the loading speed of your blog. Such themes are also vulnerable to easy hacking by hackers. Make sure you always use a theme from authenticated source only.

42. Changing theme too frequently

Changing the blog theme frequently is not a good idea. This will make your users irritate. Instead, keep your theme simple and stick to it for at least one year before changing it.


Above all are the various blogging mistakes that a blogger usually makes on his/her blogger. But, as you know, we all make mistakes. Hence, don’t let that be the reason you give up early.

Learning from mistakes and keeping moving forward is the only mantra for getting success in blogging.

At last, have you committed a mistake in your blogging journey? If yes then kindly share your learning from it in the below comment box. We will be happy to learn from you.

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