How to Earn Money by Sharing Videos online on Youtube?

QuestionsCategory: YoutubeHow to Earn Money by Sharing Videos online on Youtube?
techshristi asked 3 years ago

How to make money by sharing videos online on Youtube Channel?

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Love U Marketing Staff answered 3 years ago

You can make money by showing advertisement on your youtube videos. To show ads you need to link your AdSense account with your youtube channel.

Once you linked the AdSense account, follow the below steps to monetize the videos and start earning from it.

1. Log-in to your YouTube Account
2. Go to YouTube Dashboard
3. Click on monetization, available under Channel option on left side
4. Next, link your Adsense Account. ( if you do not have the AdSense account, first please open an Adsense account with google)
5. Now go to video Manager and click on Dollar Sign available next to your video
6. Click on ‘Monetize with ads’ options to start showing advertising on your videos

For more details refer the article at below link

How to Make Money on YouTube?

Priyanka answered 2 years ago

Hi I have some confusion please help. I m on H4 visa 
I made my YouTube channel. Can I monetize my videos and hold my pay for later? Because I can’t have Adsense account because of my visa status. Please help me I don’t know where to go for these types of information. Thanks

Kaustubh Patel answered 2 years ago

Hi Priyanka
First of all. Sorry for the late reply. We misses your question. Please find answer to your question below.
Without an Ad Sense Account, you can’t make money from the YouTube channel. Ad sense is per-requisite to make money from YouTube.
In YouTube channel, you needs to link your ad sense account before start monetizing your videos.
Now, only two ways are left with you to make money from YouTube Channel

  1. Create an AdSense Account with someone’s else name. Yes it is possible to create an account with other’s name and make money from it. You will find the detailed information on this at below link

How to use other person details to create an AdSense Account?

2. Create an account with your original address and bank information. I mean with your native address in India.
I hope you have got the answer. If you are still confused then feel free to reply to message. We are once again sorry for not replying you prompt.