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8 Effective SEO Tips to Drive More Traffic in 2022


When it comes to building a successful blog online, traffic plays an important role in it. The traffic on your blog will decide how powerful your blog is?

However, blog traffic does not grow like that. You need to either spend money on advertisements or else search to optimize your blog for optimized results.

This article will share those search optimization tips for increasing traffics to your blog.

SEO Tips to Increase Traffic

When I say SEO tips to increase traffic it means Organic traffic here. If your blog is well optimized for search engines then it will rank higher in the search results and as a result will receive more traffic on it.

But, this will happen only if you implement below SEO tips on your blog.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s start with 10 pro and effective tips to increase traffic to your blog.

1. Don’t focus on everything you read online

Yes, do not focus on everything that you read online. More than 60% of SEO tips mentioned online are not effective online. For example,

  • There is no such thing as use of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords. Google Jhon himself said this statement here.
  • Green light in any SEO plugin does not indicate your article is SEO optimized and will rank higher in the search engine. I have many articles where my SEO plugin is showing the red light but it is still ranking on the first page of the search result.
  • Chasing the exact percentage of Keyword density does not matter when it comes to improving its page rank.

So, if you are wasting your time on these ineffective tips then stop immediately. Instead of wasting your time here, focus on things that matter and can improve your content ranking.

2. Focus on Mobile Friendliness

Want to increase the traffic of your blog? If yes then focus more on its mobile-friendliness of it. A mobile-friendly blog can improve your page rank effectively.

And, the reason is very obvious. Your target audience is using it.

In 2021, the number of unique mobile internet users stood at 4.32 billion.

So, if you want to target these 4.32 billion users then you will require a mobile-friendly blog for them.

The mobile-friendliness test of your blog can be done here.

Mobile Friendly Test
Mobile-Friendly Test

3. Write an attractive Title of the Post

The title of your blog post is the first thing users will see in search results. If your title is not compelling enough then a user will not click on it.

Hence, if you want people to click on your site then it is very important to write an attractive title for your blog posts.

Here it is also important to note that- It is true that Google rewrites title tags automatically.

Rewrite Title of the Blog Post by Google

In the above-attached image, you can clearly observe that Google rewrote the title of my blog post from ‘5 Powerful ways to get your blog noticed‘ to ‘Start promoting your blog;.

However, this doesn’t apply to all cases. Only a few percentages of titles are rewritten by Google. Still, in many cases, the title shown in the search result is same as the your blog post heading.

Considering the above fact, it is very important to write catchy blog titles in 2022. Trust me, these catchy titles will definitely bring traffic to your blog for FREE.

4. Improve Loading Speed of your Site

Do you know? Even a single second of delay in your website’s load time can result in a loss of revenue and traffic as well.

Back in 2006, as per one study, Amazon found that every 100ms in added page load time cost them 1% in sales. 

Hence, it is very important to improve the loading speed of your website to the extent possible.

Here, I used the word ‘to the extent because you can’t optimize the loading speed of an e-commerce website as much as a blogging site.

Always remember, a blogging and eCommerce website has different optimum standards when it comes to loading speed.

Still not convinced? I suggest you to check the below snapshot before coming to any conclusion.

Increase in Organic Keywords

Organic Keywords of my blog increased from 700 to 1000+ within a month without doing anything.

Yes, all I had done was, I removed the Social Sharing plugin from my blog. And, it improves the loading speed of my blog drastically.

With an increase in the google page speed of my blog, the organic keywords started increasing automatically.

And, more organic keywords mean more traffic to your site.

5. Internal Linking

Internal Linking is another best way to drive traffic to your website.

Whenever you create content on your blog, make sure you add at least 3 internal links to it.

This will not only help your users to view more pages but also increase traffic to your site and retain visitors for a longer period.

In simple words, internal linking will keep your visitors engaged and improve traffic to your site.

6. Do Keywords Research

Keyword Research is a process to research popular search terms users type into a search engine and include the same in their content to rank it higher in the search engine.

Keyword Research if properly done then your content will rank higher in the search engine and thereby it will attract more traffic to your site.

Let us understand this with the simple example below.

If you are given the choice to select any one keyword (from the list available below) then which will you select?

Keyword Research

Of course, you will select the second keyword with low competition and high volume and CPC rate.

This research is called ‘Keyword Research’. And, if done properly then it can drive huge traffic to your site.

7. Do not forget to do the Content Audit

Content Audit is a process to analyze the page on your blog and then make the decision whether to update, delete or consolidate the content for better results.

In simple words, a content audit will help you to understand the situation better and then take decisions accordingly.

For example, through a content audit, you can identify the blog posts with no traffic or ranking keywords and then update the same accordingly.

8. Build more and more Backlinks

There is no doubt in the fact that Backlinks are directly correlated to search traffic.

If your content has more number of referring domains then chances are high that it will rank higher in the search engine and attract more traffic to it.

Over to you

Remember, SEO success can’t come overnight. It takes time. If you don’t have time to implement all the above tips then start with a few of them. Just pick one or two that seem the easiest and start there.

At last, feel free to leave a message below in the comment box or contact us through the ‘Contact Us’ page in case of any question or detailed clarification is required. I will be happy to help you.

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