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51 Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website Part 1

Increase Traffic to Your Website

#22. HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is an online service website where journalists can obtain feedback from the public. It helps journalists to connect with experts in the market easily.

In this service, the journalist and powerful blogger submit their queries and the experts from the market offer themselves as a source.

This, in turn, allows sources to get valuable media coverage from high traffic websites that are great for branding and Search Engine Optimization.

HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

In simple words, it is just like publishing a guest post on high authority sites for free. In return, you will get free backlinks and traffic to your website.

#23. Focus on Voice Search Optimization

Do you know? By 2021, more than 30% of the online sessions will be carried out using voice search tools. Voice Search is a unique tool like Alexa, Siri, etc. that enable you to browse the internet without scrolling the website on the web browser.

Trust me, these voice search tools will be soon a reality. Instead of typing the content in search engines, people will start speaking directly to find anything online.

Now, if your website and content are not optimized for voice search then you will lose tons of traffic to your website.

Hence, besides the search engine, it is very important to optimize your site for various results queries also.

#25. Keep Experimenting On Your Website

Life is like an Experiment. The more experiments you make the betters. The same logic also applies here in increasing traffic to your website. I strongly suggest keeping doing the experiments with your Content Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Loading Speed, and other Ranking Factors as well.

For example

  • If you are using Facebook as an advertising platform than now you can give a try to other social networking sites like Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  • Try a full-width template on your blog posts or vice versa and measure its impact on the loading speed and bounce rate of your website.
  • Schedule your social posts at different time periods and check its ROI ( Return on Investment)

Trust me, if you keep experimenting then it will definitely make the thing better and in the long term, you will find the best ways to improve traffic on your website.

Over to You

Above all, we have shared the 25 best ways to improve traffic on your website.

Now, the remaining 26 ways will be included in Part 2 of this blog post. I request you to stay tuned with LoveUMarketing for Part 2.

The various links to subscribe to my blog are already shared at the bottom right side of the LoveUMarketing website.

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