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51 Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website Part 1

Increase Traffic to Your Website

#7. Re-purpose Your Old Content

Before moving forward, let us first understand the difference between Updating old blog posts and Re-purpose your old blog posts.

When you go back and edit your old blog posts, it is known as updating old blog posts. But, when you use the old post in a different way, it is known as Re-purpose your old content.

For example, if you convert your old blog posts into written or audible ebook then it is known as content re-purpose.

Here, the same content is used in different ways to target different audiences and thereby increase traffic to your website.

By re-purposing the old blog posts you can easily target the new audience. For more information, I strongly suggest to please read this article sharing the complete guide on ‘Content Re-Purposing’.

#8. Add Visuals To Blog posts and Make It More Interesting

Before starting with this technique, let us first understand the meaning of ‘Visual Content’.

Visual content includes but not limited to videos, images, Infographics, presentations, etc.

Visuals will make your content more interesting and easy to understand. Just imagine, you wrote an article of about 3000 words and it does not include any image or video in it.

Will you like it? Of course not. Then, in that case, how will your readers like it?

Do you know? According to one study, your reader will remember only 10% of the content after three days of the reading, whereas, if it was an image then it will retain around 65% of the content even after three days.

Hence, it is very important to add visuals to your content on your blog.

But, as the question may still arise? How adding visuals will help you to increase traffic to your website?

To get an answer to this question please read below.

Adding visuals will make your content more interesting. And, this will make your user enjoy reading it.

Next, the bounce rate of your website will get reduced drastically and it will improve the overall search engine ranking of your site.

Next, your blog post will start ranking higher in the search results and you will start getting a handsome amount of organic traffic from it.

Just check out the bounce rate of my online store ‘EmbroideryShristi’. My store includes more images than products and it has one of the lowest bounce rates in the industry.

As per Alexa, the bounce rate of the EmbroideryShristi store is 54.2% only.

Bounce Rate of EmbroideryShristi Website
Bounce Rate of EmbroideryShristi Website

Further, your reader will share your visuals online and you will also start getting traffic through it.

The below snapshot of Google Analytics clearly shows how ‘EmbroideryShristi’ is getting traffic through ‘Pin it’ images on Pinterest?

Social Traffic on Pinterest
Social Traffic on Pinterest

Pinterest is the first runner up in our list of sources of social media traffic.

For more information please refer to ‘Complete Guide to Visual Content For Your Business’

#9. Use Infographic To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Infographic is a graphical presentation of the data, information or knowledge to the readers.

Unlike written content, infographics will improve your logical thinking by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.

Thus, it will make your content more interesting and attractive website.

Next, do you know? As per the Content Marketing Institute, ‘Infographic’ ranked in the top 6 types of content, the B2B marketer used for marketing purposes.

Next, in the last 2 years, the Infographic search volume has increased by over 800%.

If in case you are yet to take advantage of ‘Infographic’, for increasing the traffic then please start using now. Trust me, without infographic, you are losing out tons of traffic to your website.

#10. Take the Interview of Industry Leaders

Publish the thoughts of Industry Leaders is another best way to increase traffic to your website. Send an email to all leaders in your industry and ask them to share their thoughts with you. Now, you can publish these interviews on your blog and drive free traffic to your site.

Next, besides, bring traffic to your site, it will also improve the credibility of your site to a great extent.

#11. Social Media Marketing

Before starting with this technique, I suggest please have a look over the below numbers first.

Social Media User Worldwide in last 10 years
Social Media User Worldwide in the last 10 years

According to Statista, in the last 10 years, the number of social media users increased by more than 200%.

Interestingly, the number of Internet users worldwide as on date (April 2020) is around 4.5 billion. Out of these 4.5 billion users, 80% of the users are using social media today.

Now, the story is simple. If you want to target 80% of the online users for free than social media should be your first choice.

Next, the demographic and interest details of these 3.06 social media users are easily available on social sites. You can use these details for promoting your content to the target market.

For example, if you are selling ‘Machine Embroidery Designs‘ online then you can target those users who love doing embroidery and age range between 30 to 60 years.

This type of advertising can be easily done using paid Social Media Advertising.

But wait…

Promoting content on Social Media sites is easier said than done.

Since anyone can create an account on social media sites and thereby promote their content for free, there are higher chances that your audience will miss out on your message online.

Social Media Website
Social Media Website

Hence, it is very important to design your social media strategies effectively.

Below, I have shared a few important points to be taken into consideration while designing social media strategies.

  • Do not forget to add the Social Media sharing button to your blog post.
  • According to Wikipedia, there are more than 250 Social Media sites available online. Now, for a normal person, it is not practically possible to create an account on all these sites and thereby promote content on it. Hence, I strongly suggest automating social media marketing tasks. There are many tools available online to automate this process.
  • Do not forget to integrate your social media sites to helpdesk software. This will help you to easily reply to messages and comments received on your promoted posts.
  • Promote your content more than once.
  • Please refer to this post to learn how to convert social media traffic into sales.

Next, for optimal results, it is very important that you use the best social media site for your business or website.

For example, if your business is of creative work that involved using lots of images or photos than Pinterest will work best for you.

Next, if you are doing a professional business than Twitter will work best for you.

Similarly, all social networking sites are created with a special target market in mind. Please do some analysis before start using these social sites.

For more information on this, please refer to the below article.

#12. Internal Links Will Drive More Traffic and Revenue

Internal Links are the links from one page of your website to another. For example, all the links ( in this article) which are getting redirected to LoveUmarketing (my blog) are internal links.

Whereas, all those links which are getting redirected to external website are called as Backlinks. These are the backlinks for their website, not LoveUMarketing.

Remember, your menu links will be also calculated under the Internal Links.

Internal Linking on your website
Internal Linking on your website

Internal Links play a critical role in the success of any website. Below are the various benefits of Internal Linking.

  • Pass on link juice from one of the internal pages to another.
  • Keep your readers involved on your website.
  • Allow the readers to navigate your website
  • Help Google Crawl your blog posts easily.
  • Improve Keyword ranking of your blog posts.
  • Build the architecture of your whole website.

Above all, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits clearly show how Internal linking can help you in driving traffic to your site.

If your site is well optimized and properly build then there are the higher chances that you will get more organic traffic to your website.

#13. Build A Cornerstone Article Of Your Website

In this technique, you need to write and published a few well-researched articles on your site.

Next, promote those articles rigorously and then site back to see the magic.

Next, You will start getting traffic from these articles.

The entire logic of this technique lies with a few numbers of good articles. Since these articles are well researched and good, the reader will definitely like it and come back to your site.

#14. The Power Of Freebies Or Giveaways

Do not underestimate the power of free products or services. Everyone likes it. No matter, whether they use it or not? The term ‘Free’ draws immediate attention from such persons also.

Trust me, Freebies is a great weapon to increase traffic to your website.

I am already using this technique at my online store ‘EmbroideryShristi’ and the results are amazing.

At EmbroideryShristi, I use to share one machine embroidery design daily free for 24 hours. Next, my customers visit my store daily to collect this freebie.

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