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How can You Know Whether Google Has Updated Its Algorithm?

How can You Know Whether Google Has Updated Its Algorithm

It is evident that as the owner of a business, you need to use search engine optimization for promoting your company to the targeted audience. In context to the above, you have already heard about how Google works and has a tendency to update its algorithm regularly. Ever since its advent, Google has gone ahead to make thousands of algorithm updates. It has been estimated that in 2018, Google updated its algorithm approximately about 3,234 times!

From the above, it is understandable that Google has no drive to slow down. Experts in the field of search engine optimization can make guesses about these updates; however, no one is sure as to what Google will do in the future.

There are vital factors that influence search engine updates like social, technological, and economical. This is a prediction that no one can accurately make. Besides this, the business community that wishes to make the most out of search engine optimization for their business should note that algorithms are decided much ahead of implementation.

The public becomes aware later, and most businesses are not even aware of them until they notice vast changes in their SEO rankings. Now, the question is, how can business owners know about changes in Google algorithms? How can businesses account for a change they are not able to anticipate and see? Specialists in the field suggest business owners should keep their eyes wide open and be adaptable to sudden changes over time.

What are the objectives of Google updates?

Every search engine has the sole reason for an update- improving the user experience when it comes to search engine results. Businesses do get displayed in paid advertising campaigns and SERPs; however, they are not the primary concern of Google. The focus here is on customers of the search engine who might be yours as well. Most of the algorithm changes that are incorporated by Google offer top-quality and high-relevance search engine results giving you better search engine ranks.

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that Google has the sole objective of improvement. Now, there is the next question- what does every Google update entail? If you scrutinize them, you will find every update has its response and purpose. Some Google updates are small, simple patches that practically go unnoticed where again, there are other updates where the site pages are devalued, especially when they go against the Google system. The good news is there are sites to help you track unverified and verified algorithm updates of Google. Within a few minutes, you can get all the information you need about these updates on them. They generally contain an expert opinion on what the algorithm changes mean for search engine optimization.

Are there any warning signs issued by Google when it is about to implement an update?

Till now, most Google updates go unannounced. Therefore, if you want to be professional with search engine optimization, it is prudent to hire a good New York SEO agencyto manage campaigns and promotions for you. Till 2015, Google announced all its updates on official channels. However, the search engine giant has become smarter, and today keeps everyone in the dark when it comes to incorporating Google updates.

So, why this secrecy?

Google is targeted towards quality search engine results and content. It claims that businesses should focus on quality content and not algorithms; this is why updates are never announced. They add that if companies are aware of an update, they will use all that they have to create tactics and cheat the system. This will adversely affect the quality of SERPs.

However, Google generally does not keep every major update in the dark. It usually announces core updates much in advance so that sites can make the required adjustments in time. The purpose here is not to punish any business but to ensure its users are protected from regular spam. This is where Google ensures it is transparent and ensures that it announces the correct update without the risks of spamming its users. However, in most cases, it keeps quiet, keeping in mind the best interests of its users.

Note, Google uses artificial intelligence to identify problems and resolve issues. In this way, it can make all the simple patches needed. The process of updates is now continuous, and Google generally goes up to approximately 9 updates in a single day.

How do you know an update has been implemented?

Most updates that are unannounced are not noticed until they have been incorporated. However, some updates are big, and they need trial runs. Experts in search engine optimization look for consistent changes for their SERPs and generally share information of the above online. Most of the time, these changes affect just a small percentage of users, and everyone does not notice the difference. This is where the sharing of information and screenshots become essential. With sufficient evidence, experts in search engine optimization verify that an update has occurred, and the change is not merely a bug.

Google often conducts small tests

There are some small tests that Google performs before major updates are implemented. This provides time for businesses to make the changes they need to do. The ordeal makes challenging most of the time, as Google generally does not issue any major announcements of the same. However, businesses can check their sites to determine whether there are any changes.  They can check whether traffic to their websites has decreased or increased. It is prudent for businesses to search themselves online and see the result. Checking the business account on Google often provides you with ranking information. Last but not least, if you do not follow any major publication on search engine optimization, it is prudent to follow social media as the industry tends to publish suspected changes first here.

Therefore, as a business owner, the above information will help you to determine whether there have been any updates implemented by Google. Though Google often unannounced these updates, keep your eyes open so that you are ready to adjust and provide quality search engine results to users!

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