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6 Proven Ways To Make Blog More Popular

6 Best Ways To Make Blog More Popular

Starting a blog is an easy task but making it popular is too difficult. Hereby, in this article, we will share the secrets tips to make your blog popular and increase its followers.

But, before starting with the article, let us first understand the difference between ranking on the first page of the Search Engine (including Google) and getting a blog popular and improve the number of followers.

Yes, in this article, we will talk about increasing blog reputation and thereby making it a popular brand. If you follow these actionable tips then there are the higher chances that your blog will get famous and create its own brand identity in your niche or industry.

Note: Search Engine Ranking on First Page is prerequisite to make these given tips successful. Yes, the below-mentioned tips will only work if a) You are not beginner b) Your blog is ranking higher for few organic keywords in Google and other search engines.

How To Make Your Blog Popular

In simple words, for a complete beginner blog, these tips are of no use. In fact, the blogger who started a blog recently (younger than 6 months), instead of thinking about its popularity, should focus on writing good content on the blog.

Next, assuming, you not a complete beginner and wants to make your blog successful, the below are the few tips to make your blog popular and gain loyal and potential followers on it.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s discuss these tips below.

Search Engine Optimization Of Your Blog

This is the first step to make your website or blog successful. If your blog posts rank higher in the search engines then the chances are higher that it will get popular easily.

Next, to rank higher in the search results, it is very important to optimize your blog for various search engines including Google.

By Search Engine Optimization, you can improve the search engine ranking of your blog. To know more about SEO, please refer to the below article.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) For Complete Beginner

Why do you need SEO experWhy do you need SEO experts while developing a sitets while developing a site

Why do you need SEO experts while developing a site

Website Or Blog Page Layout

The first impression is the last impression. The same logic applies here also. When a user visits your blog for the first time, it takes less on than one second to build an opinion about your blog.

Next, if your blog layout is not simple (user-friendly) then no one will like it and subscribe to your site.

The layout should be such that it not only ensured the user-friendliness but also improve the loading speed of your blog.

Hence, always think twice before selecting or changing the theme or layout of your blog page.

At last, ensure you are using high-quality and well-optimized images for designing your website layout. Low quality and poorly optimized images look fuzzy and thereby your site will not look better.

We strongly suggest referring the below articles to learn the importance of visuals content and how to optimize your images without losing its quality.

Social Media Figures Of Your Blog

We know social media sharing has nothing to do with the popularity of a blog directly. But, indirectly, it impacts your blog popularity or reputation fast.

Yes, a blog with a good number of social followers or blog posts having more number of social sharing will get popular easily.

Next, it is also important that you have made proper arrangement for Social Media Integrations. Make sure your readers find your social accounts easily on your blog.

Social Media Website

Social Media Website

Testimonials – Best Way to Social Proof

The testimonial is another best way to gain popularity. By showing testimonials on your blog, you can easily gain the trust of your readers and thereby increase your followers.

Testimonials are a great way to show Social Proofs on your blog. Always remember, more than 90% of the online users take into consideration the customer reviews and testimonials before making any decision.

Just Imagine, you visited an online store or blog and there you find lots of testimonials written by the experts from your niche or industry.

Next, What will you think? Of course, you will think positive and take your decision immediately without thinking further.

Those testimonials are enough for social proof and taking the decision.

At last, this is the only reason why we strongly recommended adding a  testimonial or guestbook page while designing the website or blog.

Ask your Readers

Ask your reader is another best way to gain popularity or reputation fast. We strongly suggest ending blog posts with a question asking your readers to share their views and feedbacks.

Next, consider these feedbacks seriously and thereby improve your blog accordingly. Trust me, in this way, you will not only improve your blog but also gain loyal customers or online readers.

Ask you readers about your blog post

Ask your readers about your blog post

Miscellaneous Tips to Make Blog More Popular and Increase Its Followers

Follows the below-mentioned miscellaneous tips to improve or increase the quality of your blog and thereby gain popularity or reputation fast.

These tips will also help you to improve the search engine ranking and thereby drive more traffic to your site. In simple words, these miscellaneous tips are very important for building a successful blog.

  1. Improve the loading speed of your blog or site. Around 47% of the people say waiting for pages to load is what they dislike most about browsing the web on mobile.
  2. There is no best answer to the question ‘How often should you blog?‘, In this case, we strongly recommended publishing blog posts regularly. Regularly, in the sense, your online reader should not assume it either fake or inactive. In simple words, ideally you should publish a blog post at a regular time say once in a day or week but practically this is not possible, hence, ensure you publish one blog in a week to keep it active and live. Next, in this case, you can also take the help of blog posts scheduling. Like Social Media Scheduling, you can schedule your blog posts and post it accordingly.
  3. Make your blog mobile friendly. Today, mobile traffic contributes more than 50% of the traffic. Hence, in this case, it is very important to make your blog mobile friendly for a better experience.
  4. Use a self-hosted blogging platform and custom domain to look professional.
  5. Be transparent both in your social proof as well as writing the blog posts. Make sure you do not use any paid service to purchase social followers and while writing the blog posts share enough proof supporting your statements. Always remember, people will like you if you are not fake.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, if you follow the above-mentioned tips then the chances are great that your blog will more popular and gain a number of followers.

At last, please do not forget to share your valuable feedback with us. Feel free to contact us if you find difficulty in understanding any of the above tips. Next, if you feel we have missed out any important tips to mentioned out in this article then please do not forget to share them in below comment box.

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