YoFix Launched Lactose Free Yogurt In Three Falvours

Are you looking for a good and tasty alternative to Yogurt? Check out ‘YOFIX‘, a dairy-free and soy-free yogurt launched by YoFix Probiotics Ltd. YoFIX yogurt has good taste and free from all artificial colors, preservatives, and ingredients. It is purely made from grains, fruits & seeds. YoFix Probiotic Limited is a…

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Organic Foods

Frozen And Organic Foods Brands Launched In 2018

On 26th December 2018, Mother Dairy Fruits and Vegetable Private Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of NDDB has launched a range of organic foods items including fruits,vegetagles and home ingredients like Pluses,  under the brand name called ‘Safal‘. Organic and Frozen Foods With this launch, Mother Dairy is now selling…

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Nestle Launched Instant Tea- EVERYDAY Chai Life

After the Instant Coffee, Nestle India is back with Instant Tea. Nestle, recently launched a brand called EVERYDAY Chai Life for all tea lovers. Now, you can prepare the ‘Chai’ instantly from anywhere at any place. EVERYDAY Chai Life EVERYDAY Chai Life is launched under three variants named 1) Desi Masala…

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Fruit N Milk Mango

ITC Launched Milk Bevrage ‘Sunfeast Wonderz’

If you love to drink flavoured based milk beverages then we have a good news for you. The ITC Limited, a conglomerate company has recently launched a new ready to drink milk based dairy beverages under the brand called ‘Sunfeast Wonderz Milk’. Sunfeast Wonderz Milk On 27 December 2018, the divisional…

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Online Digital Agency

How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency

Some people believe that it is alright, to begin with, the development of internet digital marketing agency and it would be sufficient to expand the business, though that is not the case. It is because business growth is a completely different matter. The top digital marketing firms always have their…

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Schema Markup

The importance of Schema – How is Schema related to SEO?

SEO marketing has been one of the most throat heating discussions in the past few years across the globe. The world of marketing is getting a shift from conventional marketing to SEO marketing since the internet, and IT has provided numerous tools. SEO, which is optimizing the search engine to…

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Characteristics of Highly Successful Digital Marketing Agencies

6 Characteristics of Highly Successful Digital Marketing Agencies

To hire a digital marketing agency is to become a friend to someone. You might ignore the status of the friend (budget of agency) but you cannot ignore the characteristics (processes of the agency) if you’re looking for a long-term friendship. What separates one digital agency from another? Is it…

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Proctoring Services is a Good Choice for Present Day Businesses

Proctoring Services Is A Good Choice For Present Day Businesses

There are many effective tools out there that can be used in your business working. You can make many tasks easy, efficient and result oriented if you pick the right tool. The best part is that these tools are affordable and have features that you might seek.  Amidst different tools…

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The Future of e-Commerce: The Customer-Centric Trend

The Future of e-Commerce [Infographic]

As human beings, we love to know what the future holds for us. There is no shortage of predictions out there. Some are good, some not so good, and some are downright disappointing. Fans of Back to the Future can attest to that. Where are our flying cars? Back to the…

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