OYO Ruined My Anniversary

A Frustrated Customer Build An Entire New Website For Bad Service Experience

Customer service has always been or will always be the key factor in your business. If your customer service is not good then you will definitely end up with business…

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You will be shocked to know how Dhinchak Pooja is making fool of you copy

You Will Be Shocked To Know How Dhinchak Pooja Is Making Fool Of You

Yes, you read it correctly. Dhinchak Pooja is making fool of us. We kept trolling on her and she made lakhs of rupees from it.Not only that, she deleted all…

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What Happens When You Run Your Online Business On Automation

Did you ever hear this news? I am sure, You will say ‘Yes’, We are aware of this news. Very soon, Machines will replace the Humans and many of us…

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