You Will Love This Alien Ad of Fevicol India

You Will Love This Alien Ad of Fevicol

You will love this new ad of Fevicol India, based on Alien.When Alien Get Down In Indian Land, See the What Happened With Them. The ad starts with a lady…

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Magic Penbox to Pass the Board Exam

Now, this was left to be seen in our life. An advertisement for selling pen set box for the board exam. In Gujarat, this guy is selling pen set box…

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Mirinda Release the Pressure Advertisement

Open Letters by Teens to their Parents, Mirinda #releasethepressure

Your favorite soft drink ‘Mirinda’ is back with its new advertisement campaign ‘Release the Pressure‘. Unlike its earlier ‘Madness advertisement’, this time it is back with a new provoking campaign hitting…

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Paper Boat My Train First Ride Experience

The new ad of Paper Boat about your first Railway Ride will make you feel Nostalgic

The latest advertisement of Paper Boat will make you feel nostalgic and you will start remembering your ‘First Train Ride’ memories.This ad is a great homage to our oldest Institution ‘Indian…

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how to sell product to customer in the market

This Whistle Vendor will teach you: How to sell goods in the Market?

Every Marketing professional and student must watch this video to learn how to sell goods in the market? You must learn the basic concept of selling products from this Poor…

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MTR funny advertisement Mahabharat War

The ad of MTR Rava Idli will leaves you in Shocks

We all knows about the ‘Mahabharat War‘, a great epic war between two group of the cousins, Kauravas and Pandavas. Our childhood grew watching Ramanand Sagar’s Mahabharat. But the below scene will…

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