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8 Smart Reasons Why People Start Blogging

Why People Start Writing Blog Posts

According to WordPress, users make 41.7 million new posts and leave 60.5 million new comments each month.

Have you ever wonder? Why people blog so many posts every month? If you are looking for the same answer then this post will help you. Hereby, in this article, we will tell you, Why do people blog? What all are the reasons for and benefits of a blog?

But, before starting with the article, let us understand the meaning of ‘Blog’ first. The blog is simply a website consists of lots of webpages (created one for each blog post). For example, LoveUMarketing Blog. In this blog, we write about Marketing and Earn Money Online. Now, whenever we add a new article on this blog, it creates a new webpage on our website.

This kind of website providing information through separate blog posts is known as ‘Blog’.

Next, there are two kinds of blogs. First, a personal blog created and managed by personal individuals like any celebrity and Second, a business blog created and managed by an organization for promoting their business.

Why People Writes Blog Posts

Now, Whether it is a personal or business blog,  starting a blog will only help you and your business. Trust us, if you don’t start a blog, you will definitely feel regret for it.

To know, Why this is so? Please refer to the below article completely.

In the below article, we will share the 10 reasons Why people write blogs?

Hobby and Interest In Writing

This is the most common reason why people start writing blog posts.

Blogging is the best option for all those people who like writing. If writing is your hobby or interest, then you should definitely start a blog.

Trust us, this is what blogging is about. Unlike traditional writing, now, the ink has been replaced by keyboards. The rest of the thing has remained the same.

Now, the people who like writing create a blogging website online and start writing on it. For such people, it does not matter about the best blogging platform, drive more traffic to a blog or make money from a blog.

They only keep writing on their blog without thinking anything.

Blog Help You To Make Money

Yes, you heard it correctly. A blog can help you to make money online. There are many different ways to make money with a blog. For example, Advertisements, Paid Reviews and Guest Posting, etc.

You can use any of these options to make money from a blog.

Creative Way To Make More Money With Blog

Creative Way To Make More Money With Blog

Next, there are two kinds of bloggers. First, a part-time blogger, who generate passive income from it. Second, a professional blogger, who left a full-time job and started a professional blog.

At last, we strongly recommend reading the below articles to learn how to make money online for free.

10 Ways to Make Money with Your Website

4 Creative Ways To Make Money Online

Promoting Business Online

The next reason on the list is promoting your business online. For an entrepreneur, it is strongly recommended to start a business blog.

Once you start the business blog, start writing about your business, customers, products and success stories in it. This kind of content, not only helps you in promoting your business but also helps in optimizing your website for various search engines.

For example, writing new blog posts daily will keep your online website updated. Next, Search Engines including Google loves fresh content.

Promoting Business

Way to promote business

Hence, it will boost the performance of your business website and thereby your website will rank higher in the search results. Next, it will improve the conversion rate on your website.

In simple words, a blog is meant to build awareness and establish authority for your business. If you want to promote your business online then you should definitely start a blog for business.

For Branding

Yes, a blog can also be used for branding and advertising purpose.

Today, almost every single celebrity (whether political or Entertainment) is running their own personal blog. For example, you will find the official blog of Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi at this link.

Have you ever wonder? Why these kind of people are running a blog online? This is because a blog helps them to promote themselves. By writing about their services and achievements, they are promoting them indirectly.

It is only through a blog post, we come to know, What all are the achievements and award received by these celebrities?

Next, let us understand this with an easy example.

The below-attached image is a snapshot of the official blog of Narendra Modi. In this snapshot, you will find that Narendra Modi is indirectly highlighting his achievements.

Narendra Modi Celebrity Blog

Narendra Modi Celebrity Blog

Hence, these celebrities are using blogs for branding purpose. Let us have a look over one more example below.

Kareena Kapoor Blog

Kareena Kapoor Blog

Through this blog, the Kareena Kapoor is doing branding of her name.

Networking: Meeting New People Online

If you like to meet new people online then blogging will be the best option for you. Blogging is a great way to meet new people locally and globally.

Your blog posts are not limited by any geographical boundaries. Anyone can read it from any place in the universe.

Next, you can connect with these people and even ask for their suggestions

To Help Others

This is another best reasons for starting a blog. There are lots of blogs started to help others. For example, Food Blogs sharing recipes, Relationship Blogs helping to get over the breakups, etc.

Next, these kinds of blogs act as a great help for such people.

Blogs helping others

Blogs helping others

Search Engine Optimization

Today, every single entrepreneur own a business website online. This business website provides all the relevant business information online. It will tell your consumers about your business, products or services and achievements.

But, this kind of website finds difficulty in ranking online. Various search engines including Google don’t like static content which is not updated for a long time.

Hence, your business website will not rank higher in the search engine and thereby it will get out of it.

Next, this problem can be resolved by starting a blog. The blog will optimize your website for various search engines. It will keep your website fresh and updated.

Next,  by writing the blog posts, you are optimizing your site for various keywords. Hence, there are higher chances that it will rank higher in the search engines.

To Improve Communication Skills

The last but not the least reason for starting a blog is to improve your communication or writing skills. When we started our first blog, we feel scared of writing an article. It took around one whole day for writing an article on our blog. But, now, we write 2 to 3 articles daily on our blog.

How did this happen?

Simple. By keep writing the blog posts, our communication and writing skills get improved. Hence, now, we take less time to write a perfect blog post.

At last, we strongly suggest starting a blog for improving communication and writing skills. This is the only reasons why many universities and colleges have to include ‘Starting a Blog’ as a part of student syllabus.

Nowadays, students are allowed to write blog posts on the official website of their college and university.


These are some reasons why you should start blogging. If you think we have missed out any important reasons over here then feel free to contact us. You can share your valuable feedback in the below comment box. We will be happy to hear from you.

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