How to add AdSense to WordPress Blog?

Rajeev Sharma asked 2 years ago

Hello Friends,
I am running a blog on WordPress. I want to know how to add Adsense code to WordPress Blog? What are the ways to add AdSense code to WordPress

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Love U Marketing Staff answered 2 years ago

There are three ways to add Google AdSense to WordPress Blog.

  1. Through Widget: First option is through Widget. Using Widget, You can add the AdSense Code to sidebar or footer of the website. To add AdSense code, login to your WordPress Website and Select Widgets from Appearance. In widgets, select appropriate option says Sidebar and paste your AdSense Code in it. This will show the AdSense ads on the sidebar of the WordPress site. Please note, there is no separate option to add AdSense code to the Widget. You need to paste your AdSense code into the Text Widget as shown in below image.
    AdSense code in WordPress WidgetsAdSense Code in WordPress Widgets
  2. Through AdSense Plugins: Second option to add AdSense code is using AdSense Plugin. Lots of AdSense Plugins are available online to add AdSense Code to WordPress website.
    WordPress AdSense Plugins
  3. Add Directly to WordPress Files: This is the third way of add AdSense code to WordPress. In this case, you will add the AdSense code directly to the coding files. These coding files can be accessed through backend dashboard and Filezilla. In this case, you simply need to open the server file and add the AdSense Code to it. For Example, If you want to add AdSense ads below header menu then open Header.php file of your theme and paste the AdSense code to it. Of course, you should know programming language for this option. These files will be available in the Appearance menu of your WordPress Dashboard.

So above all are the three ways to add AdSense Code to the WordPress. From above ways, the first option is the easiest way to add AdSense to WordPress but it is also the rigid way of adding AdSense code to the WordPress.
On another side, the third option is the most flexible way of adding AdSense code to the WordPress. Through the third option, you can add AdSense code to anywhere on the WordPress site but of course, it is the toughest way of adding AdSense to WordPress.

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